Friday, December 16, 2005


.:Mmmm... More Userpics:.

Now that's cool.

.:She'll Be Back Soon...:.

Sacha's coming back on 21. That'd be really great. I miss that girl. Heh.

And yeah, I can't help but remember when we last chatted with her via voice, and we kept on using CB Radio language.

"Sacha? Do you copy? Over!"

That was a riot...

.:Christmas Meh:.

This year has got to be the weakest showing for Christmas in my life. I haven't seen less decorations and Christmas hoopla than in years past.

I don't know if I can blame the economy, or just simply a dwindling enthusiasm in the season.

But the Scrooge in me likes it. Maybe people are actually remembering it's Christmas and not Santamas?

I know it's a bit Christocentric to call it Christmas instead of "the Holidays", but what can you do, neh? Christians pretty much turned an erstwhile Pagan festival into something that is undoubtedly laden with so many Christian overtones it'd be hard to turn it non-secular again, not that I want that to happen.

Oh, well. Christmas. It's coming, and you can't stop it. But it's just not the same this year...

.:The Top Ten People I'm Most Grateful To This Year...:.

And now, 2005 leads us to the Top 10 people I'm most grateful to this year, and like always, we count down all the way to number 1, on a day-by-day basis.

But since there were so many people who I want to thank but couldn't fit into the top 10, lemme start today with an honorable mention instead of the official top 10...

Maia: I guess I have to thank her despite having seen her only once this entire year. She's provided me countless hours of company when I'm boarding alone, as I get to talk to her via chat. It's been nothing short of a great ride of a year for me, and most of the time, Maia's been there to listen. You can't help but be thankful for that.

Thanks, Mai!!!

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