Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Globe's Youniverse

.:Globe’s New Tattoo Sim, And The Youniverse!:.

Thanks to Netbooster and Globe, bloggers were given a sneak peek last week (H-ey, it rhymes!) for the new online effort by Globe. Having been a Globe postpaid subscriber for years (grumble), it was great to see Globe converging their cellphone services with their broadband, albeit I’m still waiting for them to finally throw us postpaid subscribers a bone and just make it worth our while to actually subscribe, what with all the freebies and promos being directed at their prepaid subscribers most of the time.

Despite that, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Globe, so I’m still a loyal subscriber after all these years. The event definitely caught us off guard, as we were asked to dress to impress, and given that cue, you just knew I would look very unique.

This time, I decided to “cosplay” as Ryan from High School Musical.

Image courtesy of Achie Rochelle.

That’s of course me with Cher Cabula, and while she was dressed to the nines, she was one of two brave souls who actually went and rode on the Harley bikes that were provided for us from M Café as we were told to head off to the next secret venue, which completely took us by surprise…

… we ended up in Handlebar.

Yup. There I was, dressed like some confused metrosexual, and we were right in the middle of Testosterone Street and Alpha Male Avenue, as we ended up right out of the swanky M Café right smackdab in the middle of the biker bar known as Handlebar. I looked woefully overdressed, but I didn’t care, since hey, I rarely get the chance to dress up like this and not be booked for a magic show on the same day.

Soon enough, in the middle of the hype for the upcoming Youniverse and in the midst of some people inexplicably casting dirty looks at anyone who was in my table, a challenge was given to anyone willing to get a tattoo. A few brave souls, including Juned and Fritz came forward, but it was Lauren who managed to “win” the chance to get a tattoo for free… plus a mini laptop.

With bloggers being treated to something that was certainly anything but your run-of-the-mill event, it was easy to see why people were stoked not just about the Youniverse itself, but about the future for events in general, all the same, and I don’t mean just for bloggers. Globe has shown it can step up, as has some other stalwarts, such as RX and Yehey. Will we be seeing even more creative events in the near future, like maybe an event that is for a cause, and combines magic, comedy, ventriloquism, mentalism, and music, all in one night?

Oh, that’s right. It’s called Bound And Gagged, and it’s happening this October 23. You’d be remiss to not catch it, I’m sure.

Anyways, your moment of Zen for the day…

It’s me and my Achie!


Cher said...

The moment I rode on that harley, I got a lot of hoots and honks from cars that we passed. It made me think..tsk tsk. I'm really so impulsive sometimes. :P

Joshua said...

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