Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Quick Bytes

.:Mar Roxas Defers To Noynoy:.

Color me impressed.

Really, I have nothing else to say but that. I’m very hopeful that this very magnanimous act by Mar Roxas is not just mere PR, but a sincere gesture.

Do I support Noynoy for president? To be honest, that remains to be seen. I’m very optimistic as of late, though.

Quite a far cry from the persona I’ll be projecting once I start writing about politics and the like elsewhere, though.


The sky isn’t falling. Miramax has been under Disney, and they sure didn’t stop Kill Bill from airing, so why would they want to touch the comics? It’s the licensing they’re after. Just imagine what Pixar can do for Marvel, for example.

.:Case Of The Ex…:.

Ran into Grace last Friday in Ditzy Diner. To say that it was an awkward moment would be an understatement, as she practically looked away throughout my standup set. :(

I don’t know what else to say, really. I’m still a bit shaken by what happened.


I missed like the first five minutes, but I must say, I definitely enjoyed the film, and even found myself welling up in tears at a couple of points.

Cross my heart.

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