Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Another Magic Monday: Three Magic Effects They Should Start Using Again

.:Just Another Magic Monday: Three Magic Effects They Should Start Using Again:.

I'm now doing a list. Oy vey. Ladies and gentlemen, Cracked has successfully infiltrated my mind. My only defense is that this isn't really a comedy article, so it isn't as Cracked-y as it would be if I really ripped them off. I wish I could do five all the time, but at this point, I guess I shouldn't limit myself to one particular number if I would do lists.

That being said, there are a bunch of magic tricks that are out there yet nobody ever bothers using them for one reason or another. Of course, some tricks just aren't worth using at all, but others just seem to have been forgotten about or avoided for no good reason at all. Some of these effects were featured in last year's Project 365. Maybe there're more magicians abroad doing this, but in the Philippines? These routines are totally rare.

Here are three of those particular effects, in no particular order:

1. Pulling A Rabbit From A Hat:

Awwww! That'd look good in a frying pan!

The thing with pulling a rabbit out of a hat is, it seems overplayed, and yet most of us have never seen the actual act itself performed in front of us. It has gotten by solely on reputation.

Now, I'm not saying any old magician should just take this routine as it is and just use it. What I'm actually saying is that the very concept of pulling a rabbit out of a hat is so powerful, so embedded in the consciousness of the public, that doing it would automatically gain some kind of expectations from the audience. The trick, then, pun not intended, is to play with these expectations in order to really get something unique out of the act.

If you're wondering how to do that, you can ask Teller, who made a hilarious variant on the rabbit out of a hat effect.

2. The Six Card Repeat:

Repetitive but fun.

This is just pure fun, fast-paced, and works as a great opener or middle act at any given time. Why less people use a routine as simple as this is just beyond me, especially since it doesn't take nearly as much skill to do this as some of those mind-blowing cardistry routines I see all the time that heaven knows I could never do myself.

What a waste, really. This is a routine that needs more people to pay attention to it, because it has everything you could ask for: it's funny, it's easy to do, it packs small, and it plays big!

3. Kaos:


This was an Ellusionist trick. It was one of the several they had that I really liked. It does something everyone who's only ever seen David Blaine asks of other street magicians, and it does it without any confederates. What's not to like?

The fact that very few people do this or use the same principles to do other similar effects boggles my mind. This is like a rockstar routine, in my book, and it should statistically increase your odds of actually attracting the ladies with your penetration abilities.

So why aren't people using this more?

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