Friday, July 22, 2011

Lulz Before The Weekend (Weekend...)

.:Let's Make Voldemort x Draco Reeeealllly Awkward...:.

I like the part where he says "ahhhh!"

No words needed. Just watch the video. Seriously.

.:The Deeper Meaning Behind Rebecca Black's "Friday":.

It's from Funny or Die, so it must be true.

I like Rebecca Black. So sue me.

No, not in *that* way, Chris Hansen. You can go back now.

Say what you will about how bad her song "Friday" is, but the fact that she donated the proceeds of her song to Japan makes me think of her as a pretty stand-up girl, to be honest. The next time anyone of us can make a nigh-universally reviled song, make a huge chunk of change over it, then proceed to donate the proceeds to a worthy cause, we can talk. Otherwise, this girl is untouchable.

But now, in an in-depth interview, it becomes clear that there are more to the lyrics than meets the eye. Watch the video and find out what I mean.

Well, it's Friday, so you can't really expect me to do much else beyond this, right? I'm looking forward to the weekend!

Where are the bloody quotation marks?!?


Grysh Co said...

But Rebecca Black has a new song called my Moment. :) It;s actually a pretty nice song, if you just ignore the first few verse :)

<3 Grysh

Marcelle said...

@Grysh: True, but it is nowhere near as catchy as "Friday". I still prefer Rebecca's debut "hit". LOL.