Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun With Fundies Once More!

.:Incubus Paranoia!:.

Why do guys named Brandon get all the chicks?

I'm not a really huge fan of the group, but I must say, Incubus is a pretty good band, and I'm especially fond of their single, "Megalomaniac". I also think that song called "Talk Shows On Mute" is a work of art.

It's actually cool to hear that they're performing in Manila on July 28. With so many international acts making waves in the Philippines this year, it's been a pretty awesome year for live musical entertainment in this country, whether you like foreign acts like Justin Bieber, Kylie Minogue, and The Script, or you prefer local acts like Itchyworms, Sarah Geronimo + Martin Nievera, and Sugarfree (sniff).

And then, the religious fundies attacked.

In what has got to be the most ignorant thing since claiming Magic: The Gathering was Satanic, a bunch of fundies decided to text everyone to boycott the concert because an Incubus, in mythology, is the male version of the Succubus. Without getting into gory details, the Incubus seduces women in their sleep. Sorta like how some guys use Roofies to achieve the same thing at present.

Apparently, because Brandon Boyd and company picked a band name that they themselves didn't even know the meaning of, they are now the spawns of Satan.

Hey, listen. If you've never heard a single song from Incubus, then you're being plain stupid. That's like saying this product was in any way racist...

Umm... yeah.

Anyways. It's just ridiculous what kind of stupid uproar people raise over the craziest things. We had moral panics over Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon, Harry Potter, and now, apparently, Incubus. This, despite the fact that these fundies have obviously never even bothered listening to a single song of the band. Just because they have an unfortunate name ala supot.ph doesn't really mean they're out to seduce women in their sleep.

I actually have it on good authority that Brandon Boyd on his own attracts more women's underwear being hurled in his direction than Tila Tequila, so he's perfectly capable of seducing women while they're awake.


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