Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Project 52 (28/52): If You Come Back - Blue

.:Project 52 (28/52): If You Come Back - Blue:.

Why don't these guys have more fans? They rule!

With Westlife coming to Manila on September 29, boybands seem to be making some kind of comeback into the public consciousness at this point. In fact, this morning, while in a cab en route to work, I ended up hearing "Back For Good" by Take That, which, for some reason, ended up reminding me of this song in particular instead. If you try hard enough, I'm sure you can mix those two songs, anyways.

Having said that, I'm a sucker for these types of songs, and I had a soft spot for Blue, being one of those boybands who came along well after the fad died by the early 2000's.

Blue's music has always been a favorite of mine, and it's got everything to do with just how well they craft their ideas for their songs are. While they're not always particularly well-executed ("All Rise" makes me cringe.), they at least try to go out of the box beyond your regular love songs.

Which I guess makes it ironic that my favorite Blue song, If You Come Back, in particular, is almost a by-the-numbers song about trying to win someone back, at least lyrically.

Oh, by the way, after realizing that musically, I'm most inspired by songs on a Monster's Riot Wednesday, I've officially decided that starting next week, I'd be doing all my Project 52 posts during the middle of the week so I could have a much better song selection to work with. I try my best not to plan my song for the day, so I'd like to have a good bunch of songs I can pick from, because I know the Monster's Riot (And Waveback Wednesday) playlists never fail to deliver, and if there's a current hit that I wanna pay attention to, I'm sure I wouldn't forget it, either.

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