Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Project 52 (28/52): A Little Respect - Erasure

.:Project 52 (28/52): A Little Respect- Erasure:.

A song brought about by listening to RX 93.1's Monster Riot which happens every Wednesday, I didn't realize that this song was actually performed by the same guys who performed "Always", which was such a huge hit in this country that I still know the dance steps to the song to this very day.

The song, released in 1988, sported a music video with decidedly 80's sensibilities, which isn't actually a bad thing. While my 90's upbringing has made me recognize Erasure only as that band who did "Always", finding out that one of the most recognizable songs around, "A Little Respect", actually also came from them, my respect for them increased tenfold.

True, it's such a hopeless romantic kind of song, but I guess that's a given when it comes to a sizable chunk of my song choices. I just like the plaintive manner that he asks for a little respect from the girl whom he loves so much, although I’m left to infer that he isn’t going to get that anytime soon.

We all get stupid when we’re in love, really. It’s just a question of how much sanity you can recover when all of that emotional onrush has finally worn off. One can only hope to be given a chance to live the stupidity down, really. Just a little respect, if you will. Perhaps that’s too much to ask of some people?

It's just funny how when someone tells us that they love us, but we don't really feel it, yet when they tell us they don't love us anymore, we feel every ounce of it draining out of our being.

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