Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tippex Asks If You Should Shoot The Bear!

.:Viral As Viral Can Be:.

This bears watching. But my puns are unbearable.

Tipp-Ex is a relatively unknown brand in the Philippines, but it's pretty much ink correction fluid. While everyone must be pretty aware of the amazing Old Spice Guy commercials, Tipp-Ex is comparable to it. That the whole Old SPice campaign went viral like nobody's business was a phenomenon in 2010, although ironically, despite increased sales across the board, the specific brand being featured in the original ad actually dropped by 7% in sales.

Tipp-Ex hasn't had the same kind of amazing coverage Isaiah Mustafa may have gotten through the Old Spice campaign, but this viral campaign is no less brilliant, if you'd just bother watching that video. Seriously. Go ahead, then come back to me when you've had your fill.

I can wait.

Okay. You done checking it out? Good. Did you like it? Because seriously, that whole campaign was one of the most creative things I have ever seen. The minute the hunter grabbed the Tipp-Ex from outside the YouTube video frame and used it to erase "shoots" from the title, my jaw dropped. It was one of those moments where you look at something and wish you thought of it first.

Know that you will probably never be anywhere nearly as witty as the guys who came up with this.

I really wish this campaign got more attention. Sure, 10 million views is a pretty big deal, but when the Old Spice campaign leads it in views 4 to 1, you wish more people just recognized how well this campaign was executed. People keep saying that creativity in general has taken a hit over the years, yet here's Tipp-Ex proving that they can literally break outside the box and come up with something that captures the imagination of people. We must've tried forty or so different words just to see how many videos these guys came up with. We've only had like five misses all throughout, and everything else was accounted for.

Did this campaign even win an award? Because I think it totally should.

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