Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Project 52 (30/52): Talk Shows On Mute - Incubus

.:Project 52 (30/52): Talk Shows On Mute - Incubus:.

The demon spawns are coming to Manila! Stop them!


Reaaaaally subtle drug reference right there, which is more than can be said for Incubus's very questionable tastes in band names,which has led to a bit of a moral panic in this country, especially since they're performing in Manila tomorrow. If I had money and time to spare, I'd probably grab a ticket, myself, but since I don't, guess I'll pass on it.

Having said that, I really love this song. Whenever I hear this on the Monster's Riot, I can't help but feel rejuvenated because of this song.

Incubus is a great band, this is a great song, and if you wanna see the history of my Project 52 picks in Youtube as a playlist, you can actually go here. There isn't much to say beyond that, really.

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