Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Project 52 (34/52): Better In Time - Leona Lewis

.:Project 52 (34/52): Better In Time - Leona Lewis:.

And now, we do this from scratch.

For some reason, my post for this didn't get published properly, so I have no choice but to rewrite it. Feh. That being said, the lady known as Leona Lewis, the first winner of the talent search "X-Factor," truly took the world by storm with her music with her powerful and distinct voice coupled with her sheer charisma.

As an appropriate sequel to last week's Project 52 song, I figured this song would be good as a positive followup. Truth be told, I'm still bummed from last week, and everyone feeling the same way could probably use a picker-upper of an anthem in the form of this song.

When I think about this song, and how things do indeed get better in time, I remember that Korean film, "Love's Concerto." It was a really great film, to say the least, and one of my favorite scenes was when Cha Tae Hyun explained how he got over his lost love. First, he thought about her a hundred times a day, every day. Then, at some point, he thought of her ninety-nine times. Then, ninety-eight. And then he began to forget how her nose was shaped, or what color her hair was the last time they met.

With time, the hurt of isolation and the pain of loneliness subsided. Not because of any concerted effort to make it so, but of focusing only on the here and now, not the what has been or what will be. It's one step by agonizing step, and it helped him make it through.

I hope that for everyone, it could indeed all be better in time. I'm strongly reminded of the Adele song, "Someone Like You," although unlike Adele, I won't "wish nothing but the best for you."

I don't wish you ill anyways. Let that be enough.

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