Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Project 52 (33/52): Just When I Needed You Most - Dolly Parton

.:Project 52 (33/52): Just When I Needed You Most - Dolly Parton:.

Dolly Parton and her two huge advantages... her personality, and her timeless voice. What were you thinking?

This song really reflects how I'm feeling today, realizing after more than two years that maybe, just maybe, I have some pretty rough abandonment issues. Failing that, this song really just hits the right notes with me, and with anyone else who lost someone even when that person still meant the world to them, for whatever reason it may be.

Dolly Parton is a legend. Her telltale voice tugs at your heartstrings from the first time she opens her mouth, and she really can tell a story just with how she can make her voice tremble when she sings. When she's singing a sad song, it isn't hard to imagine her crying and teary-eyed while she's at it.

That being said, "Just When I Needed You Most" is an honest plea to understand why just when you needed someone the most, they would walk out of your life. It's painful and it leaves one confused and perhaps, in some cases, even losing the will to live, and hey, it's the human condition.

I've been down that road, and though I'm not exactly in the clear yet, I just want to share this song with everyone who is down that road with me today. Sometimes, friends and loved ones do leave you just when you need them most. But not everyone will. And for what it's worth, music, the kind that tugs at your heartstrings and lifts your spirits just when everything is at its bleakest, won't ever leave you. Even when you don't have a radio or an MP3 player or anything, the music in your heart will be the comfort that you will find.

Is it an easy cure-all? Of course not. The pain may, in fact, be magnified by the fact that every song tells a story. Despite that, the pain also reminds you that you're still very much alive, and if only to see that pain ease away with each passing day, it would be enough of a reason for you to find the will to live on.

I apologize. Perhaps I am not very good at comforting others, but I can only offer you the notion that you aren't alone in this, and if I can survive the hurt and the isolation, then so can you.

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