Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finally Caught A Glimpse Of The Husky Boy, Rex Navarette!

.:Rex At Resorts World!:.

Everybody should've watched this! It's a good for you!

Resorts World brought in Fil-American comedian Rex Navarette for a night of laughter, bringing down an entire theater filled with comedy fans into a writhing morass of chuckles, chortles, and guffaws. Three comics shared the stage that night, from 2008's Lafapalooza 2 winner, Noel Gascon, to the inimitable 2005 Comedy Wars Grand Champion, Mike Unson, to the main event, Rex.

It was pretty awesome just getting there, actually. Ran into so many people, as I rode with Ethel, ran into Achie, then hung out with GB, Richie, Ryan, and had dinner with Elaigh and Chad, then finally capped off with just shooting the breeze with Mike, Pam, and Rex himself in Opus.

Rex even told me that he wants to see my magic show next time live, because he said he was sick of all that "recorded shit." Can't say I disagree with him there...

I was actually pretty surprised how affordable it was in Resorts World, because I full-on expected tourist prices all the way, only to find out that it was pretty much affordable prices everywhere. It was a pleasant surprise, and my surprise turned into uncontrollable, hysterical laughter the minute we got into our seats.

Noel opened the night with his manic, frenetic style that got the crowd pumped and laughing. He was on fire and everything he did, even his bloopers, just connected with the audience with hardly any effort whatsoever. By the time he did his PAGASA joke, everyone was applauding him wildly as he just owned the performance.

As soon as he passed the stage to the great Mike Unson, Mike proceeded to keep the laughs going and he acted with the knowledge that the whole audience was completely in the palm of his hand, like a charismatic actor at his own fan's day. It was amazing how Mike just conquered the jitters he was apparently feeling and made more than just a respectable set to get everyone primed for Rex.

Rex Navarette, as predicted, was a house on fire. His jokes were just really hitting all the right notes with the crowd, and the true testament to his amazing skill is the fact that when he finished his set, nobody noticed that he went two hours, and everyone was still clamoring for more. Considering that word has it, Rex will be back this November, the whole auditorium packed with comedy fans may very well get their wish.

During the after-party, I just shot the breeze with the performers for the night in a quiet spot in the club. It was hilarious though when we had a slight misadventure at the end of the night as Mike and I looked clueless where Rex and the rest were. Conversations were animated all the way 'til four in the morning, and everyone was undoubtedly still on a high.

Of course, the highlight for me was this:

If great punchlines could kill, these guys would cause genocides.

Congratulations on an excellent show, Rex, Noel, and Mike! Looking forward to your next ones, whether together or individually.

And speaking of "next ones," Mike will be having a show in Capone's, A Venue this Friday, around 10PM, and I'll be opening for him.

On Saturday, he will have a show in Grillery in Saguijo, and yup, I'm opening for him as well.

Stay safe, and let the laughter into your life!


Strife of Cloud said...

hehe.. astig naman nito...hehehe :)

Roch said...

It was nice seeing you there sioti! :)