Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project 52 (35/52): Karma Police - Radiohead

.:Project 52 (35/52): Karma Police - Radiohead:.

Arrest this man.

Thanks to Paul London Tweeting about this song in reference to Matt Hardy and the fact that Mr. Hardy decided to make a hoax suicide note as a cry for attention, I couldn't help but have "Karma Police" stuck in my head all day long.

Now, in general, I do like Radiohead, especially since "Creep" and "High and Dry" are two of the best songs in the entire universe, but "Karma Police" took quite a while before it grew on me, especially since I didn't really sit down to understand the lyrics the first few times I heard it.

In the end, I think I understand that it's really a song about people getting what they give. Karma Police, indeed, reminds people that there's a bit of cosmic justice in the world, and the Karma Police, more often than not, manages to do their jobs. It's the fact that there are some glaring omissions at times that makes them so worthy of being mentioned, but the times where the Karma Police actually works out just fine? Well, they're so commonplace, it's hardly worth talking about.

I suppose therein lies the rub, as far as I can tell: that while I devote myself to someone without getting anything in return, I can't help but giving nothing in return to someone else who would attempt to do the same for me, simply because I don't have it in me at all.

So with that in mind, I guess the Karma Police ought to arrest me at some point, too? Or am I merely doling out Karma to someone else at this point, while I'm receiving all sorts of bad juju from elsewhere?

Interesting, really.

And apparently, I'm a little too light-headed to indulge in some pop philosophy to explain this song. I just figure that hearing it so many times today because I put it on loop is an attempt by my subconscious to tell me something, albeit what that something is, I may not really know at this point.

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