Monday, August 29, 2011

Random Roundup For The Long Weekend...

.:Freethinkers Triumphant!:.

I have never seen Red Tani, a(n) (in)famous atheist put his hands together in prayer before, but a few moments before Ms. Maria Ressa announced who was "The One" in the Globe Tatt awards, I saw him making the sign of the cross. Now, whether or not he meant that as a joke, I still hope someone photographed him in the act, because it was just golden.

Shortly afterwards, "Filipino Freethinkers" was announced, and I ended up giving them a standing ovation from where I was. I may not be a charter or committee member, but I support their cause despite being a Roman Catholic apologist, having contributed a couple of articles to them already, with plans for more in the near future.

It's a great victory for secularism in a country as steeped in religious grandstanding as the Philippines. True, it could be worse, but now, the Filipino Freethinkers is making it better, and that's really what matters.

Last night's meetup, which I attended late because I had an MTG tournament, was pretty awesome, too. We talked about a ton of stuff, including the gay vocabulary, standup comedy, geekfighting, and yeah, James Soriano.

It was pretty good to know that pretty much all the winners were definitely deserving of their accolades, to say the least.

.:Hitting The Stride:.

My last time out with the Disenchanted Kingdom was hilarious. Unbelievably so.

KDL's new game, "Stupid answers to stupid questions," really hit the spot for everyone, and when I gave my answer to that annoying question people ask when they see you in a picture being all sweet with someone, everyone in the booth just laughed their heads off before remarking how wrong it was.

Hey, Kel! Ang hot naman ng girl na kahalikan mo! Girlfriend mo ba yan?

Bakit? Masama bang makipag-laplapan sa ate ko?

That just really stunned everyone. Heh.

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