Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I can't help but post similar content in my Blog and LJ now, but there will be a few notable differences...

The office has been a bit stuffy lately, what with the lack of Archie Comics or Game Boys to keep me company beginning today. Nevertheless, I'm still enjoying myself at work, what with all the company I have. There's ma'am Lea, a really nice Chinese-looking girl whom I've known since last year, as well as Carla, who's actually 18 years old, and currently the one who tickles most everyone's fanta... I mean, fancy in the office. During Mr. Barreiro's (RX President) birthday, she actually went for a dip in the pool in a two-piece. I wasn't there, but I suppose I don't care that much. She smokes, and that is rule two of the Chinese Prospects® protocols...

The Playstation has made its return in our house, and that was pretty good. It's quite a boon for me, even though my stepdad asked me to stop playing UFC and other fighting games of similar ilk. Just in time, I got myself NBA Live 2003, Monster Rancher Battle Card, and Yugi-Oh. I've played only the former two, though. I have Yugi-Oh on my GBA already, and the card fusions are daunting in the PS version, as you have to guess them yourself. Other than work and video games (Both I'm enjoying, sure as Hades.), nothing much is happening with my so-called life.

On the OB front,our latest eyeball was nothing short of a smashing success. Everyone was having fun, and the new blood I came across, Mark Poa, seems to be a genuinely nice addition to the bunch. This is a good thing, as some wounds in OB ought to start healing well now... or at least, they should. Kathy, aka Kitkat, was also there, and May 1 was a great day. Free MRT rides in the morning! Moreover, Kathy was there when Grace and I did some Dance Maniax, and I ended up doing that kick over the machine. I've been practicing at it lately... :) At least it was better than my attempts at Ez2Dancer, where we failed at the last stage, and Para Para Dancer, which not only made me look like a Shaider/Masked Rider Black wannabee, but also ended up being too difficult for me. I bowed out as early as Stage 2...

Does anyone know the Cheat Menu code for Diablo 1 in the Playstation? My memory card died on me, and I sure need to bypass the levelling up part to finish it.

I watched Equilibrium with Grace yesterday, and its fight scenes were simply splendid. Reviews I have pending: Johnny English, Shanghai Knights, X2, The Ring Series, and now, Equilibrium. Hades, that film was amazing. What else can I say about it? Throw away the semi-inane storyline- it's all about the action. A slicker, less CGI-dependent Matrix. Especially that point-blank gunfight between Cleric and Father! Grace was enthralled.

*Time to get into character... I don't see myself doing that for my LJ yet...*

Marcelle doesn't know what to say. If you don't see, his writing lately hasn't been up to snuff, and Marcelle couldn't so much as meet his own standards. Likewise, it certainly seems to be a bit of a problem to him, as he has so many topics he wishes to write about. Sure, he may use time constraints and money as an excuse, but then, we all know Marcelle's writing would be far worse off if he let himself fall out of the groove of things. Much worse, in case he stopped trying to blog altogether for the rest of the "vacation". It's just the case with cycles, he supposes. He's on a downturn, so it seems. As of now, Marcelle has nothing to vituperate (A $20 word for rant, in case you don't know.)about, save precisely the fact that he has nothing to vituperate about.

*OOC now...*

I wish I knew how to be more visible. Right now, I have some friends in need, and I don't know if my help is enough... Ah, Hades. This rambling is pointless...

RX Cookout will be at Fort Santiago Intramuros this coming Friday, 8 PM! Be there, as it's free admission, and get to see Stonefree, Sugarfree, Bent, Mojofly, Barbie's Cradle, Moonstar 88, Session Road, Sandwich, and Parokya ni Edgar! I hope to see people there. This is one RX party nobody who loves any of the above bands should pass up! :biggrin, nods heavily:

As a last note... am I evil? I'll leave you jabronis to answer that, because that topic is saved for another day... :)

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