Thursday, May 29, 2003

Yesterday was a fun Morning Rush, even if I showed up late due to the rains. Classes were actually cancelled, but that wouldn’t stop any of us in RX, now, would it? Anyways, what happened was rather interesting, as I went ahead in the booth, with Chico completely exaggerating how hard the rain was, saying that “There was so much rain, Bangus were flying in the air.” Then, interesting things happened…

Let’s just transcribe the dialogue, shall we? :biggrin:

Chico: Delle, don’t panic.

Delle: Why?

Chico: The rain is so hard!

Delle: And…?

Chico: That’s it.

Delle: That’s it? I thought something happened to my car downstairs, or…

Chico: No. It’s just that the rain is so hard, and Bangus are flying in the air.

Delle: *Laughs* The rain was so hard, the fish are swimming in the rain already… but you shouldn’t say stuff like that! You tell me not to panic, of course I’d panic!

Chico: Well…

Delle: Well, you’re not scaring me today…

Chico: *Motions me to grab her neck*

Marcelle: *I comply*

Delle: *Screams in horror*

From that point on, Delle has been glaring at me already. That’s the second time I scared her out of a year’s growth on air. It was all in good jest, though… and I’m glad she took it fairly well. Heh.

Afterwards, Grace and I canvassed all over Mega Mall to look for Guilty Gear X. Unfortunately, we didn’t find a single copy that actually saved. Amazing. We then went straight to my house, just in time for her to watch Meteor Garden. I tell you: she’s so into it, while I, strangely enough, am not so enthralled by the whole thing. Anyways, we did go for a bit of Dance Maniax, and I seem to have lost my step. I ought to work on that… and I saw Kip. He’s actually doing well in the KOF tournament.

We had a power outage that night, and I guess that was the time I got a bit pensive. I have to thank Mel (No, I can’t do that funky “Hover over your name and read” trick yet) for snapping me out of it. Thanx for putting things in perspective. I guess I get down when I think too much. I’m pretty much fine, and I’m glad that I’ve been useful lately. I don’t know what Mel owes me for, though. I was also helping out another friend, Tsumenki. I’m not too familiar with her situation yet, though. Sometimes, I depress over the silliest of reasons- absolutely nothing. :chuckles:

Oh, and thanx to Abby, there’s no question about the review and the top five by tomorrow. It’s actually finished already, but I chose to just upload the stuff tomorrow. I don’t want to pre-empt myself. Thanx a lot, Abby! Hope you’re doing just fine, and do catch Bruce Almighty when you have the chance. Hopefully, you didn’t make the mistake of reading my not-so-spoiler-free review of it yet…

Well, just keep on smelling what Marcelle is cooking! :cheesy:

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