Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Today was a day of bloopers...

Ah, well. For instance, Chico was talking about the Hot 10 Signs You Have A Weird Family, and one of the answers he read was "My brothers usually smell my grandmother's feet and armfeets while she's asleep..."

Sheer hilarity.

I recalled the time I was at a fair, and me and my friend Luis colluded that we finance one another when we ended up in the Jail Booth, and just reimburse the other afterwards. When I got caught, he was nowhere to be found, and I was screaming for Luis, my "fellow fiancee"...

Sheer hilarity.

Grace then heard me play a song on her MP3 player, and she goes: "Huh? Passenger SPEAKS?"

Sheer hilarity.

On a less happy note, it's too bad but my co-worker, ma'am Lea, is afflicted by Bell's Palsy. Half her face can't move at all... sigh. I hope she gets well soon. She can't even smile, and that's too bad.

What else was I up to this day? Well, nothing much, really. I suppose today's been rather non-happening, although I must say... Delamar's yuri stalker is way too disturbing. To think she started off going after Chico. The details imparted to me are unfortunately a bit too graphic for public consumption, so I'll stop at that. Ah, well... security in RX ought to be beefed up a bit with that kind of a threat looming...

Watched Meteor Garden today. Grace is such an F4 fan... I'm not too impressed with Shan Cai, although I'd have to admit she's cute and all... (Apparently, Grace even corrected me on the spelling... but still, that's like Hsu Chi, whose name is also spelled Shu Qi, or Xu Chi, or... you get the picture.)

Carla was searching for motels on the phone directory for sir Rogie to call up. The latter seems to have two friends, both male, who will have some use for the information... And Carla ended up being labeled an expert on the matter after all her suggestions on where to go.

I hope to be more reflective in my forthcoming posts when the schoolyear comes around again. For now, please pardon me if I'm a bit more on the narrative side. My sincerest apologies.

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