Thursday, May 22, 2003

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Yesterday yielded a rather eventful day... I tell you, it was pretty fun, though.

The day started off on a rather surreal note, as Chico and Delle decided to talk about the Hot 10 Urban Legends. Delle, scaredy cat that she is, was reading off the answers and shivering at the same time over the creepy answers she got.

Remember that urban legend about the girl in UP riding an Ikot jeep, and the driver didn't let her down? And when he finally lets her down, he tells her to burn her clothes because when he looked at the mirror, her head wasn't there? Yep, that one. Chico had the most interesting theory: maybe the driver didn't let her down because he couldn't hear her talk, since she had no head, and all she could make were throat sounds. Heh. That took the chill out of the whole thing.

Also, beware of people who flash their headlights behind you. Apparently, they're trying to warn you that someone's in your backseat, trying to kill you. Also, beware the cult in black who meditate over your slippers. They will inexplicably draw you out, and then they will ritually sacrifice you...

While Delle was reading another urban legend, about the UP theater ghost if I'm not mistaken, I walked into the booth to hand her the Generation RX topic. She turned around without knowing I was there, then she kinda shrieked in fright on the air. Chico was laughing his head off, and Delle was turning rather pale. I then sat down to push the envelope by staring at her unblinkingly, which further freaked her out.

Chico has the Equilibrium DVD on him right now. Hope he likes the film. Anyways, some Hot 10 suggestions started coming in off the air, and one of them was the Hot 10 answers to the question, "Am I *censored adjective*?" This, to which, I immediately quip, "Said Delamar on her honeymoon." Man, I was on a roll today... :laughs:

Afterwards, I was just stuck at work making a few follow-up calls until Carla arrived. Shortly after, I was sent to U.N. Avenue on an errand, and that took me quite a long time. I got back there, and I was rather exhausted. Apparently, I couldn't get some sleep in the Production booth, while Carla was working. We had a good talk, though of course, you can't expect me to take her to a conversation about despair anytime soon...

Anyways, the more I get to know her (Her ex boyfriend was a Bosconian...), the more I realize she really isn't girlfriend material. That's pretty clear from the fact that she can be rather possessive, and yet she's still as accommodating to other guys in spite of the fact. She's also rather demanding as a girlfriend. Thank goodness I was never looking for a girlfriend when she came along, as I already have one. Otherwise, I could possibly have walked into a trap.

I actually saw a few Ateneans I knew in Radio 1. Looks like there're a few newbies there, and if Abby will go for Radio 1, I will most likely try out as well.

Around six in the evening, three hours overtime for me, we finally went out of the office, amidst all the teasing from ma'am Lea and my other co-worker, Steph, who's also Radio 1. Still, there really isn't nothing much to say about a long, uneventful ride to her boarding house. We just talked. Nothing much, really. She's nice small talk, actually, but I'm beginning to understand why Sacha easily tires of small talk. Not to put Carla down, though... I'm sure she's a person with a rather good head on her shoulders, but I guess I haven't gotten to that level of friendship with her yet.

Still, I'm glad she appreciated the effort. It's not an effort I'm all too willing to extend to her regularly, unlike in Grace's case.

Abby and her boyfriend, Bro (What can't that guy do? He sings, acts, plays the guitar, and plays quite a few sports...), will most likely watch Bruce Almighty this Saturday, as I can most likely acquire a ticket for them. Grace says it's okay if she doesn't go, but why do I have the feeling that I'd be just a sucker for punishment if I let that happen? I sure need a second ticket if I want to keep myself from being too melancholic about Abby again. I invited Mel, but I fear that the comedy mioght be a wee bit too much for her, and she'd laugh out loud. Remember: the nodule in her throat means she should avoid talking until Sunday. Maia is grounded, so she can't go either.

Heh. Then again, recalling that little movie she made (Which is due for both a prequel and a sequel.), maybe not. Surprisingly, she also likes Mariposa, although we agreed that neither of us hold that sentiment towards our respective relationships. I also told her about the John Mayeresque advice I gave a friend of mine, where I, after saying quite a bit, just say I'm never speaking up again on that topic. Starting now. And then Abby interjects from the song, "One more thing..."


I'm watching Matrix: Reloaded today... let's hope that the movie turns out well enough for me. Anyone who wants to catch the movie at Mega Mall this 7:00 in the evening, just be there. :)

*Jumps into character*

This leads Marcelle to think that maybe the Cartesian explicitations about solipsism have some merit in them. He sometimes feel that this is all nothing but a simulacrum of events in life, as our spirit simply moves along in projections of what seems to be daily life to us. But then, if ever this solipsism were to be valid, would it really matter? Would we really have to break ourselves free from the bond of these limitations? Do note that in a Matrix-like setting, there is no question that other people do exist. Unfortunately, they are all mere projections in the simulacrum you find yourself in, immersed with them. This does not seem to take away anything from Heidegger's In-der-Welt-Sein elucidations, but perhaps only latently.

Or would Marcelle be right in believing, as Cyril once told him, that if this were truly nothing more than a simulacrum, then it's moot, because from a phenomenological point of view, this is as real as it gets, regardless of actuality? The way we live our lives phenomenologically would be just as significant or even more significant than what lies beneath, if this were right. Why look for something more when what you have is already adequate? Simply put, it's a "Live for the moment" line of thinking. Our lives are rather adequate already. We do not have to strive for anything more, as the fact remains that what we currently have is a challenge enough for us to be able to make heads and tails out of. Transcendence is not the order of the day in this viewpoint.

Or what if... the challenge for us is precisely as the Matrix? That indeed, we have to break free and emancipate our mind? Is this truly the way to go? By freeing our minds from the ties that bind us and hold us back, will we actually find something more profound, as would the conquest of despair be our answering the call to be spirit? If this is so, then we should all be more open to some soul-searching, and hope that we can figure out for ourselves where we actually stand. This can be quite a boon for those who wish for something grander in their lives than just this daily grind.

What if, as yet another monkey wrench in certainty, this simulacrum, if truly is one, is akin to the concept of life and heaven or hell? This simulacrum, perhaps, is nothing more than a dry run for us in an actuality in the future that is actually more permanent in nature. Something for keeps, if you will. Maybe that's the way it actually is. The actuality is the life beyond, and this life we currently have is nothing more than a way for us to know for ourselves where we ought to be. It's a nice thought, as we can attribute any trials and tribulations we might go through at this point as nothing more than a temporary phase for our transcendence to manifest itself and enable us to be more prepared for what lies beyond. This seems to be a gamble if it doesn't happen to be true...

Or better yet, what if we are actually in a simulacra? That is, after we are through with this simulacrum, we move onto another one? And this process goes on indefinitely, as we continue to hone ourselves in something that seems to be reality but is not, in actuality? Maybe this accounts for all the feelings of deja vu that we might have. This would also account for why there are things that seem to be natural to us, even though it really shouldn't be. It's just like reincarnation... In a certain lifetime, we are this person, and afterwhich, we end up being another one, following upon the heels of the first, a succession of simulacra for us. Likewise, this can be merely one simulacrum that is indeed temporal in nature, but nevertheless, it is a simulacrum that allows for multiple incarnations of a singular being.

Maybe we're even in a series of parallel simulacra. Think Jet Li's multiverse concept in The One. In one simulacrum, Marcelle is in La Salle. In another reality, Marcelle is the most popular wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation, and the other WWF, World Wildlife Fund, lost the case. In this series of parallel simulacra, everything is as real as it gets in the end. Reality and actuality seem to intermesh here, although the problem lies in the fact that to some, this might not even be enough. After all, a simulacrum is a simulacrum, and it may be real, but it is still not actuality. Maybe in another simulacrum, failing subjects is actually good, being afflicted by disease is applauded, or something of the sort. Always helps to think that way when one is depressed: a break-up may be the best thing to happen in one's life in another simulacrum. Marcelle has used this kind of reasoning to help him weather through a lot of rough times, and it's been of great help.

Finally, what if, to complete this rambling of Marcelle's, this is truly reality and actuality? What can we then look forward to beyond this lifetime? Another actuality of similar nature? A completely different plane? Or absolutely nothing? If this reality is indeed the status quo, then we are left to wonder why sometimes, feelings of surreality seem to dominate us? It's as though we harbor a lot of doubts about this reality we are enveloped and immersed in. Such questions that bother the mind. Such questions that truly push mankind forth to strive forward and further revel in Aletheia, as they attempt to unconceal what truly lies beneath the surface.

Forgive Marcelle's questions. It's just that it's about time some deep thought was put into his promos once more, even if just for this post right now...

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