Saturday, May 17, 2003

Just another real promo I decided to cut today. Take it as you wish to take it, but don't read too much into it.. :laughs: Laban, laban, o bawi bawi... :chuckles heartily:


Jim Ross: We take you backstage right now, as we see the Masked Joshi slumped down in her locker room! It appears to me that her tag team partner has left her behind!

Jerry Lawler: Now why in heaven's name would HE do that? The Masked Joshi has been one of the best in-ring personalities ever! She's even AMAZING on the mic!

JR: Bah Gawd! I hope you meant that literally, King.

King: What a dirty mind you have, JR! What else do you think did I mean?

JR: Joshi, what gives? I thought you had a tag team title match later tonight? Where is your partner?

Joshi: He... he's not here! I can't believe it! It's like he doesn't have any faith in this tag team at all! Why? Am I so weak? Am I so... I just don't understand!

JR: Folks, it looks like Leon was seen runnin' like a scalded dawg when he found out that he and The Masked Joshi were putting their Tag Titles on the line tonight against The Legion of Gloom! It's inexplicable, and the title might even change hands tonight, because of Leon's no-show. Bah Gawd! It's just not right!

King: Wait a minute? You hear that? It's Mister Vader's music playing over the P.A.! What gives?

JR: It looks like Mister Vader is entering the ring, and he's addressing the crowd!

King: What? Is he going to make a mockery out of the Masked Joshi's situation?

Mister Vader: It just occurred right now to Vader that something backstage has been going on, and it's not like Vader is here to make a mockery out of the Masked Joshi's situation.

King: Hold on. Our mics aren't wired to the arena. I don't think he heard us. Or did he?

JR: It doesn't matter, King. Just listen.

Vader: Mister Vader looks at the Masked Joshi right now, and he sees beauty in the fire. Indeed, while you may truly have your own weaknesses, what true warrior doesn't? Only in conquering such weaknesses can you possibly be truly great!

Audience: Vader! Vader!

Vader: The fact remains: you are a great individual, Joshi. Your tag team partner may hold doubts about your strength as a team right now, but Mister Vader can guarandamntee you that the Title Belt you're wearing around your waist right now is testament that your being partners counts for something. It doesn't negate the fact that the both of you still fought tooth and nail to get where you are right now, jabroni!

JR: That makes sense...

Vader: Leon, Vader understands that you feel some apprehension about tonight's title match. But it doesn't matter! The fact remains that this tag team partnership of yours should be strong enough not to just fade away because of some lingering worries that don't truly hold water. Don't turn your back on The Masked Joshi. Don't give up the Tag Team Titles without a fight. Otherwise, what worth are all the trials and tribulations that the both of you have gone through?

JR: Bah Gawd! I never thought I'd see the day that Mister Vader would go out of his way to give the rub to a fellow worker like this!

Vader: To be honest, Mister Vader never thought he'd see the day that he'd be giving the rub to a fellow worker like this...

King: Uhh, JR, are you sure he can't hear us?

JR: Never mind...

Vader: The both of you know that this title match will happen tonight, whether or not you bring yourselves to this ring. You can have some apprehensions, some fears, perhaps even some regrets. But that doesn't mean you should go back on your word. Fact of the matter is, you've gone this far. You've rolled the dice, and you can't take it away anymore! Now, you either win this match, or you lose it WITH A FIGHT! Otherwise, there's no point to all the things the both of you have gone through, and... agghhh!!!

JR: Bah Gawd! Mister Vader was blindsided by the Legion of Gloom! He's being overwhelmed by the power of numbers!

King: And to think that he has nothing to do with the Legion of Gloom! Now, he's just another casualty!

Legion of Gloom: The Tag Team Title Belts will be ours. It'll only be so much easier, seeing that the both of you will not even show up. Watch your puny little friend being crushed like a twig here, Joshi, and your coward partner, Leon! Even after we win this title, you think this is over? All your puny little friends will also fall to the Legion of Gloom!

JR: No! Dammit! This isn't right! Mister Vader is a bloody pulp right now! Somebody has to get into that ring and stop this carnage!

The Masked Joshi: ...***THE NEXT MOVE IS UP TO YOU, JABRONI!!!***

To be continued... (?)_

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