Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Marcelle, you are an amalgam of light and darkness. A walking paradox that mankind chooses to love as much as it chooses to despise. You hold within the depths of your being the highest of the high and the lowest of the low. You can stand in silence in the background, silent but keen to everything that transpires in your midst. You can step into the limelight and bind everyone to yourself while searching for yet another means to keep everyone enthralled. You touch lives as their greatest boon or their most terrible bane. From this amalgam that you are, you keep every graduation of the brightest light to the darkest hue. Few can fully comprehend the myriad faces you possess. Few can understand that in this respect, you are truly unique.

You curse yourself in your eternal Earthly quest to find meaning in your existence. You bless yourself in your eternal Earthly quest to find meaning in your existence. You catch the fallen, and you bury the adversary. You are the epitome of appropriate self-negation. You are neither pure nor diabolic. Neither are you stuck in neutrality. You are all that and more. Your hands are stained with blood, yet hardened by good works. Your eyes are rife with rage, yet endowed with compassion. A windfall of boon is bestowed upon those whom you choose to minister to. Still, others are content with being part of a new order to the world that they and you bring upon one another. Sadly, there are those who choose to incur your ire and are fated to regret so. Indeed, you can be one’s greatest ally, or one’s worst foe. The choice lies with them.

You embrace the light and the darkness as part and parcel of who you truly are. You continue to unconceal yourself in the light, but the greater you unconceal, the greater the shadow you cast. Your life is riddled with jubilations and tribulations, and through it all, you evolve. But through every change, you will always be Marcelle. And with each identity that you call your own, you recognize that you cannot merely do away with one or the other. Every face you possess constructs the entirety of your being, but even the sum of your fragments are incapable of constituting the whole.

Marcelle, you are Ertai; the pure of heart, the innocent man before the fall. You are the pinnacle of benevolence. For in all you do, you believe in the power of your will to wield your destiny in your hands for the betterment of all. You believe in the beauty of spirit of all around you. Few people appreciate your mundane and disinteresting positivity, but respect your integrity. You are Ertai: the sage, the wizard of optimism.

Marcelle, you are Mister Vader; the vulnerable and corrupted shade of Ertai. You represent the darker realms of your being, yet manage to incorporate your mischief and forlorn melancholy. All know that there are scars behind the jaded smiles, as you try to hide behind your merriment and glee. You desire serenity of mind, but you are doomed to stand strong. You are Mister Vader: the brooding shade, the arcane antihero.

Marcelle, you are Voldemort; the jovial and impetuous being. You enjoy the carefree life, and bask in attention. You have a fondness for Oriental pulchritude. You represent the shining beacons within you, and yet manage to instill an aura of wisdom. You long to be what you are not, for your name belies the cheer that you cannot eschew from delivering to all around you. You are Voldemort: the whimsical, the popular

Marcelle, you are The People’s Champion; the stalwart Atlas. You take upon yourself to be there for those who turn to you, and even those whom you choose to befriend. All who recognize you as such never fail to acknowledge your untiring effort to share the next moment of joy, or to catch the next tear that falls. You stand in silence as you allow them to shine, but never hesitate to step forward when the opportunity is right. You are The People’s Champion: the loyal, the friend.

Marcelle, you are The Olympic Hero; the man of pride and flamboyance. You know you are remarkable, and you never let anyone forget it. You enjoy staying in the limelight, and you believe that all your accolades have earned you the right to be there. Those who despise your audacity perplex you, yet what is truly perplexing is how you still endear others in spite of your egocentricity. You are The Olympic Hero: the arrogant, the charismatic antivillain.

Marcelle, you are The Phenom; the harbinger of malevolence and vindication. You are the penultimate icon of righteous wrath. Those who trod upon the right path with you hold the power to unleash your fury upon those who choose to stray away from you and them. Those who have fallen in your grasp have realized, to their great horror, how great a mistake it was to travest those whom you have taken into your Ministry. You are both treasured and feared. You are The Phenom: the guardian, the vengeful.

Marcelle, you are Marcelle; the amalgam of all your identities, and far more. You are the one who embraces the harmonious intertwining of light and darkness within you. You hold within you all that you have been, all that you are, and all that you will be. Few can fully appreciate your entirety, but many love or despise you for the little that they see of you. You believe in the power of Aletheia to further you into self-knowledge and unveil the mysteries within you that remain unanswered. You are Marcelle: the chiaroscuro, the kaleidoscope.

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