Monday, May 12, 2003

Well, last Friday's event, the RX Cookout at Intramuros, was a HUGE success. Of course, how can you go wrong with free admission to Stonefree, Mojofly, Sugarfree, Moonstar 88, Sandwich, Parokya ni Edgar, among others? Yes, I was obviously exhausted, since I woke up as early as five in the morning just so I can go and help out Chico and Delle, who made me screen callers and think up topics for Generation RX. Indeed, it was fun. Those two are really great to hang around with, and they even had Sven with them, who's one of Delle's German friends. I was really enjoying myself there. I mean, this is almost a dream job for me, as I did say before, and well, they are great people to talk to. Nonetheless, after that, it was mostly all about the Cookout already, and we sure worked our behinds off just to get everything in order...

I don't know, but that was a really hectic day. Everyone was really busy, and there was hardly any time for chitchat. I don't know if any OBers went there, either, but I would suppose none came around. Thus, it was only Grace who showed up, among all those I invited. Anyways, we had fun, although I was put on photographer/cameraman duty, which meant I had both a digital camera AND a digital camera to take care of. With only six Barangay Tanod oficers for security, you can tell that by the time Parokya arrived, the whole place was getting a wee bit too unruly for comfort, what with mineral water bottles already beginning to fly around the place. Nonetheless, it was still fun, and I saw a few rushers there, including Popeye, whom I haven't seen for ages. Still as cute as ever.

Grace and I made a few new acquaintances during that party. Of course, there was Rain, whom I previously met. She's a very nice person who studies in UST. Very friendly and easy to talk to (She did say I look like her ex, on the first time we met.). While I already know Kim from Radio 1, she's still fine to speak to, although I don't think I got to introduce her to Grace. The other Kim was also nice, and she's also from UST, and is my co-worker, but... there are some quirks I have problems hurdling. There was Troy and Vince, the former, a Radio 1 person, the other, Troy's friend. Lastly, there was Ann, who was a Chinese-looking girl that entertained Grace when she was alone at the RX table (As I was doing my camera work.). Very nice person. Grace, on the other hand, since she wore my ID, was mistaken for a P.A., and ended up doing some pro bono work for RX... :laughs:

Saturday was the time I made up for sleep. That party ended at around 2:30 AM, and I got home around 4:30 AM, since I took Grace to her house first. Thank goodness we managed to hitch a ride with ma'am Lally, and then Grace's brother drove me on the scooter all the way to my house. I woke up at 5:00 PM already, though I did get a bite around 11:00 AM that day. Nothing much then, actually. I was just playing some PS games, and inviting people to the next RX event, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. So far, Kaoko, Tsumenki, John, Daf (w/ two friends), Grace (w/ her sister), and Jaded are going. I have three more tickets to give away, though. I'll know who I'll be giving them to by tomorrow, I guess.

Sunday, on the other hand, was fairly fun. Playstation, then Grace arrived at our house. We watched "The One", and afterwards, since it was Mother's Day, we went to dinner at The Podium, in the Banana Leaf... not bad, but not my kind of food, honestly. My stepdad was being weird with all his mixed signals, but... I'm standing my ground, lest I eat my words again.

Today was plain great... of course, Chico and Delle were still going around with that "Said Delamar/Chico, on her/his honeymoon joke", and Abby informed me that a high school classmate, Justin Quilon, is one of her co-workers. Chico and Delle were hilarious today, as they kept on hitting themselves with all those signs that they will be lonely for the rest of their lives... of course, it's all a state of mind, if you ask me. Somebody tried to break into the RX office, looking for Boom Gonzales and Tom Alvarez, so the glass door was shattered already when I got there. Ma'am Lea and I had a few moments of bonding, as I reported to her that her friend, ma'am Kai, actually told Grace last Friday that I was courting her (Her being ma'am Lea.)... funny stuff. Afterwards, I was just doing some bank work, ticket deliveries (Got myself a few last Friday, though. Was supposed to give to City Hall, but... not after I had a few. Heh. Saw familiar faces there, by the way.), and then hung around with Carla (She's eighteen, so I try not to call her ma'am Carla any longer.). Apparently, we're on a kissing (No lips, mind you.) and hugging basis now, but I guess she's just a naturally expressive person (Yeah, yeah. I'll keep my REAL thoughts to myself now... :laughs:)...

Do I have anything to vituperate about today? No paycheck yet, and I still can't do my "evil" piece...

Catch you jabronis next time. :)

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