Monday, May 19, 2003

Last Saturday night, *jaded* and I had the funniest conversation…

Marcelle: One of my friends seems to have a callus in her throat or something.

*jaded*: Huh? A what?

Marcelle: May kalyo siya sa lalamunan…

*jaded*: Kalyo? Is that a metaphor?

Marcelle: Alam mo, ang bad mo.

*jaded*: Ah, eh kasi, pinag-uusapan namin iyon ng madalas lately.

Marcelle: Eh di ang dumi ng utak mo talaga!

*jaded*: Ha? Ano naman ang masama sa bulimia?

Marcelle: Ah! Bulimia lang pala… akala ko kasi ang iniisip mo ay…*censored*

*jaded*: Ikaw pala ang marumi ang utak, eh…

Marcelle: :sweatface: :buck: :rofl:

Apparently, I haven’t really corrupted her that much yet. :cackles: And to think I claimed that my ecchi level was a measly six… she’s thinking I should raise that bar by a notch or two… heh. Still, that was a really funny moment, I tell you. We were laughing our heads off as apparently, we were on two very different wavelengths at the time. She might tag along with us this coming Friday to watch the Matrix, by the way… hopefully, the competition for seats wouldn’t be much of a problem any longer.

The past weekend has been rather non-happening. We ate out yesterday at Lolo Mao’s, but apparently, the food is nothing to write home about. I’m not really a huge fan of their food. My copy of NBA Live 2003 refuses to work now, all the same. I was stuck playing with NBA Live 2000 due to that. Besides that, I didn’t have much else to do. I forgot to have my copy of So Close replaced, so I intend to have that done today. I finally watched Murder By Numbers, and I was sure impressed… that was a movie that really did a number on my head. Pure genius.

I can see Melina latibulized for a while from her blogging and stuff. She was the friend I was referring to who had a callus in her throat. That’s literally, and not a metaphor! :laughs: Things haven’t been going for her lately, and thanx a lot to Charlie for helping me find a way to contact her. She’s been really nice to talk to, and I am now thoroughly convinced that birds of the same feather do flock together… I have yet to find an odd man/woman out in Maia’s circle of friends, as far as personality and intellect go.

Well, back to work for this jabroni. I have to help out Chico and Delle out now… see ya later, I guess. :)


What mind readers those two guys are... they're playing Mariposa right now! I suddenly had a rush of euphoria! :biggrin:

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