Thursday, May 08, 2003

When the best argument somebody can give you is that he “puts the food on your table, so shut up”, you can tell that poor roody-pooh doesn’t stand a chance of winning a debate against the current best non-varsity debater in the Ateneo Debate Society . When the “head of the freaking family” resorts to giving you the finger instead of proving to you what you did wrong, you can tell that the ruddy jabroni will not be able to sway your opinion in his favor. Most of all, when you miss doing something once, and you are told that you NEVER do it, you can tell that someone graduated with a Psychology degree without learning anything. Cripes on Friday. What a disservice to Skysenshi…

(While the Debate thing is a nice thing to be known for, it's not really much. It doesn't prove anything about being a good conversationalist, for true dialogue happens with being, allowing-to-presence, and person-making-present; rather than seeming, impostition, and speechifying. Chalk up another credit to Marcelle's Philo prof for this tidbit.)

To think Marcelle stood up for this roody-pooh on OB. Marcelle went and justified his being sent him to the psychiatric ward, jail, being force-fed his Magic cards, being forced to tear up his Magic cards, among others. Things that his siblings never had to go through… they, for instance, are allowed to play Magic, and didn’t go through a lot of flak for video games in comparison to Marcelle. Frankly speaking, he seems to have it in for Marcelle, and it's unfair. Marcelle doesn't deserve this ruddy kind of treatment from him at all.

Last night, Marcelle was lying down, reading a comic book, and his mom arrives. Naturally, everyone who heard the horn went down to open the gate. Marcelle didn't hear the horn. So good old roody-pooh steps in and asks why. Marcelle replies he didn't hear a thing. He then later gets flak for this, and the assertion is that Marcelle NEVER does anything for the freaking family. Whoah, whoah, whoah. WHAT? Marcelle NEVER does anything for the family? WHAT? You're trying to tell Marcelle that the late nights you arrived with nobody but MARCELLE to open the bloody gate for you never happened? WHAT? You're telling Marcelle he didn't treat the entire family to Aling Banang's? WHAT? Who the bloody Hades are you kidding? WHAT the bloody Hades are you smoking?

So Marcelle naturally snaps back, "Never?" and Mr. Know-It-All starts espousing that Marcelle has ALWAYS been that way, and that he just will NEVER do anything for the family. Marcelle reiterates: ONE mistake doesn't make him ALWAYS at fault. Wash this dialogue, rinse it, and repeat it. This happens at least five more times, with the roody-pooh still completely oblivious to the point. He then resorts to "Shut up!" and walks away, and that's when Marcelle pounces.

And then, the roody-pooh loses it, as he resorts to destroying the bed Marcelle was lying down on, and giving him the finger, a tactic Marcelle has outgrown years ago. Let's see... Marcelle is 19 years old. The roody-pooh is 42 years old or so. Somebody sure as Hades wasn't acting his age, and it probably wasn't the guy who was smiling while the other was hurling curse words at him, and telling him that he puts food on Marcelle's plate, so Marcelle just ought to shut up, because that makes him right, and Marcelle wrong.

Nuh-uh, jabroni. Marcelle's not taking codswallop like that just sitting down... No chance in Hades, jabroni.

If he didn't have it in for Marcelle, then why is it that he's the only person in the freaking family who gets lambasted in front of all the other siblings for whatever mistake? Everyone else seems to get that "Father-To-Son/Daughter" talk one-on-one. Why the extra effort to embarass Marcelle? Why does Marcelle have the most drastic punishments for the least of offenses? Marcelle doesn't see that happening to anyone else there...

Is that fair? Marcelle gets this much trouble for not opening a silly gate, and everyone else gets a slap in the wrist for worse offenses!

It would've been easy to take, but let's face it... Marcelle is the one who's going to lose here, because his stepdad intends to have Marcelle evicted. R-ight... that's fair. That's REALLY fair. Marcelle pays for somebody else's mistakes.

But let's put it this way. Marcelle is just going to keep quiet and keep on being the nice person one can only nitpick at. If all he can use against Marcelle is the excuse that Marcelle missed his step grandfather's cremation, then he sure is spattering absolute codswallop. If all he can use against Marcelle is the fact that he missed opening the gate, then he's not going to get far in attempting to bring THIS jabroni down. That's what gets to him, most likely. Unlike in High School, Marcelle is WAY TOO "SAINTLY" for him to pin anything on Marcelle. That's why he has to resort to that.

*Out of character.*

Sure, my so-called tragedy may seem like nothing to those who have it worse, but it's as real a tragedy to me as yours prolly are to you, so you can't take its profundity away from me. But at the very least, be still thankful for what you have. If what you have is any better than what I have, then lucky you, jabroni. I am genuinely happy for you, because I will be the bigger man in this issue and walk away from it. But still, why does being right have to mean that I pay the price for somebody else's mistakes?

And well, I know you know who I've been talking about.


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