Thursday, May 08, 2003

I needed to make a separate post for something a bit better...

This is both a mini-vituperation, AND a huge jubilation for me... :laughs:

Well, looks like my boss in RX decided to reassign my working hours... from now on, instead of working from nine to six every day, I will be working from six to three. Why? Because apparently, he wanted me to help Chico and Delamar. I'm pretty happy about that. You all know I've been a rusher for years, and they're my all-time favorite dj's... with that stuff in mind, I guess you just might start expecting Top Five updates and perhaps even more interesting content now... gee, I wish the rushers could read this stuff... :laughs again: This is such a boon to me, you can tell. I guess I'm pretty happy I got this assignment, because I've always wanted to be working with the dynamic duo...

Anyways, the hours are problematic though: I have to wake up around five in the morning... whoa... that's daunting, if you ask me. Still, I'm glad I got assigned to a dream job in RX, and with the fact that I'll be receiving a salary, not even the previous entry can bring down this jabroni's spirits. No chance in Hades.

The next RX event will be the movie premiere of "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days". It will be at SM Megamall, and I sure hope it'd turn out to be just fine.

Today was an exceedingly busy day at work. Bah Gawd, I sure had a hard time keeping up with everything they wanted me to do. Still, I managed to work it all out, and I'm pretty content about my work today. It's better for me to be occupied at work than looking like a dope there, just sitting pretty.

Heh... My aunt is trying to get me into that teen show, Click. She says tapings are on Saturdays, so I won't miss much (Except OB EB's and RAW Deal tournaments I run. Are you out of your gourd? :chuckles:). Sounds nice, but I know better than to step into that. If I don't make waves, then I wasted my time. If I do, all the dirt people have on me will surface, and half of those things I'd have a hard time disproving, even if they weren't true. Chances are, I would be forced to stay quiet about my girlfriend, and this blog will be exposed to people I don't want to find reading this... (Not that I have anyone in mind yet.) yes, it seems a bit like I'm counting my chickens before my eggs hatch, but let's face it: it's most likely one of the two scenarios I mentioned, anyway.

Ah, well. Enjoy, jabronis! I hope you people are doing perfectly fine...

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