Thursday, May 01, 2003

Nothing much for the past few days, as I took one day of work, then showed up again, in the midst of this SARS scare that isn't doing people's social lives any favors... for instance, *jaded* won't be going to the eyeball today because her parents are afraid she'd contract SARS.

The most afflicted country in the planet, China, has a population of 1 freaking billion, and their SARS cases are pushing 1,000. Your chances of getting run over by a car, or getting stabbed in the streets are far higher than your chances of getting SARS. Much more so in a climate like this one, which doesn't let the virus thrive as long as it does in countries like Hong Kong and Singapore.

Anyways, in other news, some people have been fairly distressed lately. Wish I could help, but I can only do so much... as the song goes, I'm "Uninvited", or at least, my help is unsolicited. I need not push the envelope any longer... needless to say, I'll just be around for you, anytime, okay?

My Dance Maniax has been greatly improving, but despite the Edit Mode, I still can't figure out how to edit the speed of the songs. I don't know the code for it, or I'm doing something wrong... ah, well.

Anyways, Ma'am Carla (The Chinese-looking co-worker I have, who's actually only an incoming 3rd year student in CEU, albeit she's 21 already.) and I were chatting quite a deal yesterday, and we went home together (No... I just waited for her to get a ride, that's all.). Nothing, really. She smokes, so rule number 2 states she can't be a C.P. :laughs:

Ah, well. Let's hope the OB EB turns out to be better than the FHM party...

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