Saturday, May 14, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

Yeah, I found ways around the filter... barely.

Basic Thuganomics
by John Cena

So think you are untouchable?
Word Life
This is basic thuganomics (basic thuganomics)
Word Life
I'm untouchable, but I'm forcin' you to feel me
Word Life
This is basic thuganomics (basic thuganomics)
Word Life
I'm untouchable, but I'm forcin' you to feel me

Whether fighting or spitting
My discipline is unforgiving
Got you backing up in the defensive position
An ass kicking anthem
Heavyweight or ban them
holding camps for ransom
the microphone phantom

Teams hit the floor in this new fight joint
Like a broken needle, kid, you missin' the point
We dominate your conference
with offense that's no nonsense
My theme song hits, get your reinforcements
We strike quick with hard kicks
ducking night sticks, bare knuckle miss
Who fight this beat?
You're lifeless, you'll never survive this

Give a guy like Alzheimer's
Two face rappers walk away with four shiners
the raw rhymer turning legends into old timers
My insight is like a viper bitin' though your one liners
New Deadman Inc.,
and we're about to make you famous
Taking over Earth and still kicking in Uranus


Marc, you took my chicken baon. Nagbabaon ka pa rin ba? Don't you have salary for lunch?

I was so tempted to reply...

No, I don't have a salary for lunch. I have a salary for paying an 8500 peso debt that you allowed to happen by not investigating who the Hades stole my money from my room. And... don't you have salary for lunch?

.:More Grrr...:.

I hate web filters that block out sites by banning words. In this computer at work, the following words are banned:

1. Pot (No Blogspot for me!)
2. Friend (To block off Friendster, but also block off
3. Lyrics (No LSS for me today!)

.:Even More Grr...:.

I had this spinning audition to go to with Kathy and Krisette, only to find out that it got canceled at the last moment. A little courtesy could've helped if they just decided to tell us we're rescheduled a little before five minutes before heading to the appointment itself...

Kathy's a bit apprehensive about the people there, considering their lack of regard for proper safety standards while fire-spinning. That's a bit dangerous, considering how subpar the materials they use happen to be. They get wicks imported from Bangkok,which are low quality and melt too easily. The chains even get hot too easily. All of that would spell disaster, and bringing a spinning group like that to the heart of Manila would only mean trouble for the already-maligned reputation of spinning, despite the impeccable safety record of our group and the other established manila group.

So while I enjoyed Kathy's and Krisette's company, I forgot one important thing about the WAVE eyeball going on last night as well...

Sheree was there until ten in the evening.

Oh, well. It wasn't such a bad loss. For some odd reason, babe watching suddenly isn't so high up in my priorities any longer (As if it really were in the first place.).

Now that I think about it, maybe it's not such a mystery why that's the case, after all... ::blushes::

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