Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Kathy, Krisette, and I were set on a spinning gig this weekend in Metrowalk, but I had to back out because it was going to clash with U Got Game. That being said, I still met up with them in Greenbelt, and Hrbs was also there, who ended up getting quite freaked out by my ways as usual.

In any case, I was at Coffee Bean, and I ran into Kathy there, who was with Chip, her boss of sorts, and we just talked about different things while I was waiting for my Pomelo. Soon enough, after that short but refreshing break, I got back, and we were still waiting for Krisette and Hrbs, as I realized that I had to pass up on the gig. In any case, it was no big deal. We just continued talking about various things, and when Krisette finally arrived, we immediately started with the funny “during sex” jokes about songs. Even more amusing was how neither Kathy nor I managed to introduce Krisette to Chip, which made us pretty rude... and most amusing of all was how Krisette herself neglected to introduce Hrbs to Chip when he got back...

So after a lot of conversations, we finally headed out to Intercon, and we went spinning near the pool area. It was fun, to say the least, and I was glad that things went pretty well there, and although there are some conflicts of interest that went on (Mainly because the other group doesn't seem to have a good concept of safety measure.), it was still all in all a good start. Hopefully the conflicts would be resolved, and the right measures of entitlement would be accorded to the right people at the end of all of it.

Nonetheless, save for safety, that wasn't really our concern.

Afterwards, we then hitched a ride with the people running the show to Greenbelt, and we had dinner near the Cinema. Interestingly enough, a premiere of Star Wars Episode III will be shown to people who go to the fountain area in Greenbelt so long as you're a Gentxt user. Hmm... I should try that. Krisette was proud of me, on the other hand, because my eyes no longer seem to be wandering at all... chalk that up to a lesson learned.

I then went home, still thinking of the crazy events that happened during the day...

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