Friday, May 20, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

I just like the song, mmkay? Now don't go reading too much into me relating to this song, since I don't. the moment I looked at the lyrics, I froze in my tracks. They're so DOT COM! Lol.

Take This Love
by Sergio Mendez

I know what you're thinking
Your eyes give you away
We've been talking all night long
And there's nothing left to say
It's a mutual emotion
Nothing's standing in the way

I've got this feelin' babe
That this was meant to be
You've been playing hard to get
I've waited patiently
It just keeps getting harder
There's a point of no return
'Cause the heat is in the moment
And the moment's in your hands

Take this love and let the night begin
(I want to give it all to you)
Time for you to show the way you feel
(You know how long I've waited)
I need a reason, a meaning in my life
So open up and take this love tonight

Too many wasted nights of hollow victories
But I know this time is diff'rent babe 'cause you mean so much to me
You're the answer to my question
And I need the answer now
'Cause the heat is in the moment
And the moment says it all


.:It's Been A While:.

Before I go on, I have to thank Kathy for the nice break she helped me land. I really appreciate it.

In any case, I scheduled to meet up with Cami (Dalusong) and her boyfriend, Boker, last night in Greenbelt at around seven or so in the evening. As I had plans from six to six thirty, I was genuinely worried I'd keep them if in case they arrived earlier tha usual, so I was grateful they showed up past seven.

It's been a while since I've met either of them, and I think the last time I met them might have been graduation day already or just a little bit after that. Both of them have been quite busy with work, as was underscored by the severe lack of blogging from Cami's LJ, whilst I haven't even lost a step when it comes to that... lol.

Nonetheless, we went to Crocodile Grill to just catch up with each other. It's been fun, and I'm particularly happy because Cami and I were good friends in college, so reconnecting with her and the possibility of meeting her and Boker a bit more often because of my frequent forays in the Ayala area from now on really is good news, as I at least have friends I can talk to once my lack of classes keep me out of touch from my friends in the Philosophy department.

Of course, I'll prolly sit out any offers to be the third wheel/chaperone when it comes to movie nights, though, unless it's a double date or something to that effect. Must bring Ranulf along, then. Lol.

Thanks, Boker and Cami. You guys look great together as a couple. Hope things continue going well for you, and thanks for the great time and conversations last night. Really capped my day off quite well.

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