Wednesday, May 25, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

Here's a nice song... goes out to Clair, who's currenlty a bit under the weather...

Get Here
by Oleta Adams

You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway
You can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind
You can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man
I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can
You can reach me by sail boat, climb a tree and swing rope to rope
Take a sled and slide down the slope, into these arms of mine
You can jump on a speedy colt, cross the border in a blaze of hope
I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can

There are hills and mountains between us
Always something to get over
If I had my way, surely you would be closer
I need you closer oh closer

You can windsurf into my life, take me up on a carpet ride
You can make it in a big balloon, but you better make it soon
You can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man yeah
I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can

I don't care, I need you right here right now
I need you right here right now right by my side
Yeah yeah yeah
I don't care how you get here, just get here, get here
I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can
Get here if you can

.:Film Review: Star Wars Episode III:.

I won't delve into it much, but yes, there will be SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Image hosted by
Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge Of The Sith
George Lucas, you're breaking my heart!

Episode III is supposed to be the final link to round off the entire Star Wars saga, barring a call for episode VII, VIII, and IX. This is supposed to detail the slow descent of Anakin Skywalker into the dark side and the establishment of the Galactic Empire. It was pretty brilliant how this story was advanced, though the acting and the lines certainly could've used a lot more work.

In any case, I don't think I need to even talk about the story details of the film. I'd just mention that I really thought it was way disappointing how relatively easy General Grievous was to fight against in this film, in contrast to how it was in the Clone Wars animated series in Cartoon Network, where he really looked intimidating, to say the least. Count Duku turned out to be a pushover as well.

The Emperor was pretty good as a Sith Lord. He really had a look that was simply brilliant, and he had amazing skills, although I liked the implication that Mace Windu was simply better than Yoda in handling the Emperor, save for the fact that Anakin ended up becoming Darth Vader in his futile quest to save Padme from death (Fairly odd how Princess Leia would still remember her mom in Episode VI, as Cathy mentioned... maybe the foster mom?).

What got to me though was the horrible mismatch between the action and the sappy scenes. I know I can get giddy a lot lately, but even I couldn't quite bring myself to take the terrible lines that were fed and not-so-deftly executed. Anakin Skywalker's twistedness was well-portrayed through events, but not at all through Hayden Christiansen's acting. I also was grateful that Jar Jar Binks did not have a single speaking line, and there were some flashes of brilliance in the dialogue, especially the one about how liberty dies.

All in all, this was a very good story that was told poorly. I really enjoyed the action, and General Grievous was just way cool, and Order 66 was amusing. I suppose any person remotely interested in Star Wars should really try to catch this film.

“Fun” Evaluation: A-
“Critical” Evaluation: B-

.:The Wednesday Webring:.

I'll do the whole links thing if someone e-mails me the HTML code. I'm pressed for time while writing this, so I can't quite hard code it right now... sorry.

I Need Suman To Love Me
a Monologue

Each time I look at you, wrapped so tightly in a sweet embrace, I think of all the memories we had together. Whenever I gaze at you, and your warmth just radiated from within, I feel such a rush. How I long to see you again. I've missed you for so long. How I long to hold you in my hands again, to reminisce about our endless bliss together.

As I untangle you from your encumbering garments and look at you at your most vulnerable moment, I see nothing but sheer beauty. The sweetness you exude, the wonderful aroma you give off, just intoxicates me even further. I miss you so bad I can taste it.

I don't know if you love me back or you just have pity on a wanderer such as I. As we share these moments with each other, as I delight in the senses with you as the center of my attention, I cannot help but wish that I would know somehow, someway, that you feel the way I feel about you. As I taste your sweet surrender to me, all I can say is that I need suman to love me.

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