Wednesday, May 04, 2005


.:Voicing Out:.

So there I was, arriving at Ranulf's place, and Sacha just finished recording her voice talent portion, where she made up attack names like “Neko Scratch Attack” and “1337 Beam”, which certainly didn't seem like the kind of names you'd want to give her attacks. While I was there joking about how there seemed to be silicon all over the game due to the proportions, when it came my turn to deliver my lines, I was stymied. I ended up having to use Kapampangan to deliver some of the lines, and I even asked my mom for help with it.

Imagine a guy with a sword, taking some swipes, saying, “Atin cu pung SINGSING!!!”, and then making another series of attacks, going, “Metung yan TIMPUKAN!!!”. This plan just soooo reeks of awesomeness.

Got acquainted with a new person as well, by the way. Her name's Kathy. She's also one of Jac's friends, so small world, indeed.

.:My Gratitude:.

Everyone knows I go out of my way to thank people in my life during Christmas season, but I guess I have to underscore thanking Sacha for listening to me the other day. I've been going through some tough times, and adjusting has certainly been difficult for me for the most part. I'm glad Sacha's been there to hear me out, and I must say that having her as one of my best friends has certainly proved to be mutually beneficial to the both of us (Is that me speaking her lingo? ::gasp::).

We've known each other for years, and in those years, I think I've learned how to value a friend more than ever thanks to her. She might snap at me and tell me to stop being pathetic, and I might tell her that I have a bigger... err... pair... of eyes (::lolololol::) than her, but at the end of the day, we treasure our friendship with each other, and that's what counts.

Thanks, Sacha. You have no idea how much you've helped me these past few turbulent weeks in my life...

.:The Highlander:.

Ron decided to show us two episodes of the Highlander TV series, which we took in and MSTed into a gay innuendo fest. For one, Duncan McLeod tells Mythos after the latter admits to having been a murderer in the past that they were “through”, which implied a relationship of sorts.

Afterwards, when the Four Horsemen reunited, they seemed to be pretty preoccupied with swords and sticking these swords into people. What was particularly amusing about the whole thing was when the final confrontation happened, both Duncan and Mythos killed an immortal, so they shared a Quickening together.

While Ron would call THAT a Quickening, I'd call it something else... they sure looked like they had a good time there...

All in all, there was just something so horribly gay about those two episodes... and I don't think it's just my imagination, overactive though it may usually be.

.:Dinner Bonding At Ebisu:.

And so the four of us, Ron, me, Sach, and Kathy decided to have dinner at Ebisu, and in the middle of the wonderful conversations and all, we got to know each other better. You might say that given our exchanges of stories, we had pretty good insights about each other, and I especially appreciated Kathy's candidness about her life, and what she thought about how certain people we know act. I think her blunt way of putting things certainly helped me see a perspective that was less wishy-washy.

At the same time, Ron had his own interesting stories to tell, really. The food was great, and while I'd skim over the details in lieu of the quality of the “you-had-to-be-there” moments, I guess this was definitely a great bonding session for all concerned. Oh. This Kathy isn't Sacha's sister, by the way...

Inasmuch as referring to Kathy (Chua) as “Florence” from now on would help eliminate confusion, being called “Fifi” doesn’t seem too flattering for me, either.

.:I Miss Her...:.

I miss her...

Some people worry about a long-distance relationship. I worry about a potential relationship that might be worse than that simply because the parents would never approve.

I miss her...

I'm only 1/8 Chinese, 1/4 at most. She's pure Chinese. She's the eldest of the family.

I miss her...

The odds are definitely stacked against us. Inasmuch as we do like each other, her family will certainly get in the way, and I just might go through Hades and back just to win her heart and be able to be called hers.

I miss her, and I know that there will be so much opposition we have to stand against just to have a shot with one another. But you know what?

She's absobloodylutely worth it.

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