Monday, May 02, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

I guess I just had to sing it again.

Bad Habit
by Destiny's Child

How many times
Are you gonna apologize about the same thing
And how many times can I take you back
When I'm not the one that's doin' wrong
(When I'm not the one that's doin' wrong, yeah)
I thought, maybe, if I started prayin'
Then we would get better, but
When I would pray, the answer would always come
Back to me, bein' done
But we're so hard-headed
When we're in love

So I...

I told myself that I would make some changes
But the more I change
There's one thing that remains the same
I can't seem to shake ya
You seem to really have a hold on me

And everytime that we break up
We turn around and make up
This can't go on now
I gotta move on now
It's not the fact that I don't love you no more
But, I gotta break this bad habit
Can't take this bad habit no more

I'm totally out of my element
Learnin' new ways to live
While you're in a comfort zone
Not even thinkin' (you couldn't think about me)
To call me, when I get mad, you buy me gifts
Thinkin' it's gonna solve every issue

From the girl callin' my phone
To the pictures that I saw (ya know I saw0
And everytime you would break up with me for nothing at all
I've taken all I can take (I've taken all I can take)
But, the way I live has gotta change, oh


Let me break it down
Have you ever loved somebody
So much, that you was just too blind to see
Past all of the pain they was causin' you (causin' you)
Ladies, do you feel me (do you feel me)

Have you ever loved somebody
So much that you went against the right thing that you should do
Oh, then it's time to make a change (time to make a change)


.:Unfinished Business:.

You might say yesterday was the day we settled it.

You'll always be my first love, no matter what.

But things have changed.

I'm sorry.

.:Film Review: Mindhunters:.

This review will not contain any critical spoilers.

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They have to figure things out by process of elimination. Each other.

Grace and I actually saw Mindhunters on DVD, which was an amazing psychological thriller about 8 FBI profilers who are all sent on an island for a final exercise that was supposed to test their limits and see how well they can handle a murder and profile the killer. It was positively brilliant how the movie was pulled off.

In any case, the story kicks off with what seems to be a murder scene, and two of the FBI profilers go into the scene of the crime to try and get their man. Unfortunately, they underestimate the scene, and discover that there were actually two suspects. That being said, they both die after killing the second suspect right off the bat.

Of course, by now it should be clear that this was merely a simulation. As they are training to be profilers, their performance in this simulation was subsequently evaluated, and seven profilers plus one more (Played by LL Cool J) get taken to a deserted island to have one final simulation.

Unfortunately, things don't turn out the right way. As time elapses, each of them die one by one to various traps set by the “Puppeteer”, a brilliant killer who may very well be one of them, or the man who sent them there himself. As each of them die one by one, the paranoia increases, and their mistrust of each other grows and grows.

My one main gripe with the film, though, is why they didn't discover who the killer would be when they had a chance. One of the characters used a brilliant method to find out who the killer was, and that character exposed the plot only when it would be obvious who the killer really was, and not before the killer could carry out the plans any further.

In spite of that, the film's premise was brilliant, and the execution pretty snazzy as well. I was pretty much taken aback with how gorily creative some of the deaths were, and it really clicked with me, after having seen the likes of Kill Bill and Battle Royale. The way they died one by one almost felt like Battle Royale, in all honesty.

If you like suspense, this is one movie to watch. It really will have you at the edge of your seat, and you'll really keep on switching around as to who you believe the Puppeteer was until everyone else is dead. Pretty amazing film. And caters to the people who love all that investigative profiling work the FBI does.

“Fun” Evaluation: A+
“Critical” Evaluation: A-/A

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