Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ah, Well...

.:Up For Blogging...:.

1. Criss Angel, the famous street magician, has a challenger in the name of Morgan Strebler, the man who has brought Liquid Metal to the world. I wanna talk about the article in the near future.

2. A Lyrically Speaking Scribble of "Talk About Us", by Jennifer Lopez. The song will make you laugh your head off.

3. Making significant note of certain dates. Hmmm... January 26 at National Bookstore, January 31 was the entire day spent with her, and February 3 was Eastwood and bowling.

4. A film review! I just watched "Music And Lyrics" today...

5. My thoughts on "Can This Be Love", after all has been said and done. The movie's on TV now, and it reminds me how time has indeed been flying.

6. How I can now say that I'm happy for a certain someone. That person seems to be happy, and even if I'm no longer the cause for joy, it's all good.

7. Carnivore Night recollections.

8. Arguments...

Yes, I know, this is such an unsubstantial post, but rest assured I'll make up for it either tomorrow or over the weekend.

Probably over the weekend. Seven items to discuss.

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