Friday, February 09, 2007

A Mouthful...

.:Surprise Party!!!:.

It's Tita Toots' birthday today, and we had a surprise party for her on midnight. I have loads of stories to tell about that, but first, I'd like to wait for a picture from Estelle to get to me... paging Estelle! :P

.:Worktime Blahs:.

For the record, I resigned from my office job in WAVE. What this means is that I am still a jock at the station, but I no longer have to stick around after my show for six more hours for a paltry pittance.

That being said, it has been problematic in the station for a while. People have only been looking out for #1 and nobody else, and since we've been rating, there has been no incentive for anyone to step their game up, and people who do never really get any recognition.

My partner, Gia, has been busting her @$$ for so long already, and yet it would seem nobody recognizes how much she has contributed to the station. When she foreshadowed resigning from the company, the boss just waved it off without knowing what the implications of doing that would be.

Did it ever occur to them that all the jocks are spoiled and only myself and Gia have ever bothered handling the weekend? Did it ever occur to them that if they asked any other jock to do the kind of radio work Gia has been doing, nobody would agree to the conditions? Did it ever occur to them that I can write scripts, that Gia is doing commentary on live television? It boggles the mind that to this day, only an elite and not necessarily impeccable few people do voicing, and only one person writes scripts for plugs.

Why have we been bypassed from being taken out of the graveyard after no less than three jocks have left the station? Why is it that when they get someone new, the new jock gets thrown right into the prime time slot while other jocks languish in the proverbial doghouse? Haven't we freaking “paid our dues” already?

This station has been incredibly stagnant, and initiative to actually do something well has actually been frowned upon. Nothing gets done, and if you tried to do something, you're going to end up being resented dahil pa-star ka.

I am sick and tired of double standards. That one jock can be asked to take over for another at the drop of the hat, yet they would never ask the same favor from their favorite jocks. They say Gia is “unqualified” to do voice-overs, yet some other jocks can't even pronounce “sachet” right. The very same jocks whose voice you're sick and tired of hearing on the station's plugs.

I am sick and tired of the ungodly hours. We've been stuck in the graveyard for going on two years already, and no amount of improvement has allowed them to take us out of the doghouse.

I am sick and tired of the mediocrity. This station can be so much better if people actually cared enough to improve, and yet, people have been too obstinate to understand that concept. They want their stature to rise, yet in only looking out for themselves, they instead hamper everyone else.

This station needs to take a reality check and realize they have been abusing some of their most loyal employees. These people deserve better.

I know I deserve better. I've been going on three years in this company already, and my finances have been the same as they always have been. Any other company would have given you a raise by now for at least having stayed that long with them.

This is absobloodylutely ridiculous.

.:Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands...:.

Seeing how WAVE doesn't seem to have any plans to make Single Awareness Day, aka Valentine's Day a special day for the station, then my partner and I decided to throw a spanner in the works and offer ourselves for V-Day.

If you want to win a breakfast date with either Gia or Kel on Valentine's Day morning, all you have to do is text WAVE 891 INSOMANIACS (YOUR NAME) (YOUR MESSAGE) and send it in to 2968. In your message, indicate who you want to go out with, and then send either of the following:

1.Your wackiest/most interesting Valentine's memory.
2.A message to convince either Kel or Gia to go out with you. Make it sweet, make it creative, make it interesting.

Alternatively, feel free to drop off snail mail Valentines at Room 201 Strata 2000, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, February 13, at 5:30 in the morning towards the tailend of the Insomaniacs' Tuesday edition.

We're doing this not because we think we're such awesome catches and going on a date with us is such a big deal. Rather, we're doing this because whatever happens, we think this little experiment is going to be fun, and it guarantees Gia and I won't be going stag on Valentine's day. =P

Join in on the fun!

.:Returning The Favor:.

This time around, she was the one who showed up at my doorstep.

In the three hours we hung out, I noticed that she doesn't mince words with me, at hindi siya marunong mambola. Well, I guess that's a good thing. Eh kasi naman, talagang hindi ako sanay sa mga nambobola sa akin...

But I digress. We really just hung out at my place, as she watched Grey's Anatomy at one point. It was interesting how we could have mundane moments bring us closer together.

There isn't much to write about what happened because not much really happened. Despite that, I can't quite understate how grateful I am that she went over. It's just really great to be able to share time with someone dear to you.

Yesterday was a great day...

.:Why Her Identity Is A Secret...:.

I know people might think it's weird that I don't say outright who my Beloved is, but it's not because I'm not proud of her that I don't indicate who she is.

I think it should be obvious to all reading by now that her parents won't approve of us. I can't even call the relationship official precisely because of that, but it's the perils you have to deal with of going out with a Chinese girl.

Despite that, it's not even relevant that I'm not Chinese and she is. Her parents simply don't want anyone to get in the way of her dreams, or rather, their dreams for her. Hard to argue against that, when race isn't the issue, to be honest.

But that's precisely why I resolved I wouldn't get in her way. Whatever she is working towards, all I ask is for her to include me in that future, but not for her to completely alter it on my behalf. I would sooner be the one to change my plans for her than I would allow her parents the satisfaction of knowing they were right about people like me all along.

I will wait for her. She asked me to. At some point, things would work out for us, one way or another, and when that time comes, I would be more than happy to show to the world who my Beloved is, and how much she truly means to me...

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