Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Random Thoughts On Yesterday...

.:Kris Aquino... Gah!!!:.

I can't help but feel bad how Kris Aquino pushes her contestants' buttons so that she can evoke emotions from them. How she makes them cry at will by bringing up their sob stories, how she finds one of the 26-K girls who can commiserate and make her cry too, and of course, how she puts the contestant through the wringer even after they agree to take the deal.

Where else can you find a situation where someone is actually not happy to receive a whopping 500,000 pesos? Quite simply, when they're told after the fact that they could've won 2,000,000. Why do they not have an option to just let sleeping dogs lie and simply not bother finding out exactly what they would've gotten?

If that were unavoidable, why simulate the rest of the game, instead of just cutting to the chase and opening the purchased briefcase?

Today's contestant ended up crying her heart out because she only ended up winning only 10,000 bucks. It was really sad, looking at her, and the kind of stress she went through definitely wasn't something you'd want to put a pregnant woman through. Yes, the contestant was also pregnant. Yeesh.

I'm glad this is the last week of this program before she gives birth... maybe she can reevaluate the kind of agony she needlessly puts her contestants through.

.:You Know What Hurts?:.

What hurts is how it's so easy to erase and rewind things for some people. I'm not that way. I really don't take things casually. It boggles my mind how other people can, in one moment, profess undying love to each other, and the next, act as if their formerly significant other no longer exists.

How much time does it take for wound to heal and for people to find their smile again? And why is it that it ends up being the one who broke the other's heart who ends up bitter, when you would think it's the one who got left hanging who would be so?

It makes absolutely no sense, and I guess it will always be a sticking point to me. After all this time, I still can't help but feel disappointed that this is how it ended up being, and no matter how I bend, it still stays the same.

.:It Took Some Guts, But...:.

... I pushed through with the Avenue Q auditions. I was actually the last one who went there, and I sang “Herod's Song” from “Jesus Christ Superstar”. I would've wanted to do “The Internet Is For Porn”, but we didn't have the piano guide and all...

That being said, I am very grateful to Charo for practically pulling me out of bed to go there, after all the worries and butterflies I had flying in my gut. I'm extremely glad that I got it over with, and they even said it was “great”.

I don't know if they said I was "great" to shut me up and get me to leave, or if they really meant it, though. Their reactions when I was singing didn't seem like they were particularly impressed.

Whether or not I make it in is irrelevant at this point. What is relevant is that I tried, despite the fact that I was rather scared.

I was just so out of it that when I was asked what my vocal range was, I promptly wrote in “Alto”.

How was I to know that “Alto” is exclusively for females?!? o_O

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