Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thoughts On The Go...

.:You Go Girl! Have A Happy Period!:.

Words fail me. Watch the commercial yourself, and be amazed!


I know this is just so positively jologs, but I'm extremely excited about how “Sana Maulit Muli” is turning out to be.

Jasmine and Travis have been running into each other a lot, and now, the whole connection about their past is coming to the forefront. Tomorrow's episode is bound to be eventful because this is the part where Travis is going to sing “Matudnila” at a presentation, and Jasmine is going to begin to realize that Camille took Travis away from her all these years.

Oh, this is going to be a can't-miss episode, all right. This is the best telenovela I've ever bothered watching, so I must say that they're really doing a lot of things right with the story. The premise was awesome, and the execution for the most part has been impeccable. I can pretty much let the horrible delivery by Kim and Gerald slide by now, as this series is really picking up...

It looks like Jasmine is beginning to fall for Travis again, but just when that happens, one of Jasmine's best friends is going to start courting her! Oh, no!

Gah. What a fanboy I'm turning out to be. =P

.:Thanks For Trusting Me...:.

I've gone over the entire blog of my Beloved, after she gave me the URL the other day. I'm very grateful she trusted me enough to tell me about it.

I have to say that going over the blog was very insightful. It's like I know her so much better now, thanks to what I've seen. From what she likes, how she thinks, her priorities, her hopes, her dreams, and even the transition of what she has been writing the moment I came back into her life.

I saw a see-saw. I saw how differently she spoke of me in contrast to how it was when she was in love with someone else. I saw how despite the shortcomings she has painstakingly enumerated, she still saw the good in all of this. I saw, furthermore, that she truly loved me, in a way I know she has never loved anyone before.

It's amazing. Here is the girl who has been so used to having people practically kowtow to her every whim and fancy, and yet she still ended up loving someone like me: someone whose grandiose gestures pale in comparison to those she had been given in the past. I care about her, and I do love her, but this time out, I flat out refuse to be walked all over by her, and I am very thankful that instead of resenting it, she actually respects it.

I don't know if she'd continue writing in her blog, but I know that by looking at it, I have most certainly made quite a difference in her life. As time goes by, I hope that this bond we have built with each other will grow stronger.

I am grateful for having been trusted this much by my Beloved. In turn, I know that I am putting as much trust in her, for I have never had this much faith in someone in my entire life. I have never felt stronger or surer about anyone in my life.

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