Saturday, February 10, 2007

Magic At ADMU...

.:Well, I Tried...:.

I think I need to work on an alternate routine for walk-around and street magic. I'm beginning to think that while I want to keep De'Ring, I want to do something other than a Raven trick, then an Ultimate Transpo, and the occasional Liquid Metal.

If there are any magicians with a simple walkaround routine out there that gets them good reactions, I'd like to hear ideas from you. No methods. Just ideas.


Anonymous said...

What about:

- Spongeball + watch stealing
- Dreamweaver (I recently bought it but haven't tested it yet)
- Three shell game?

Kel Fabie said...

Spongeball: I need a new routine for that. I have the sponge ball into cube thing, but since I used it for kid's parties, my routine needs revamping.

Watch Stealing: Can't do that just yet.

Dreamweaver: I'll check that out.

Three Shell Game: Ditto.

Other ideas I have are "Dual Reality", and maybe a few more mentalist routines, and bringing back "Saw" when the opportunity presents itself.

I am in the middle of learning Pinnacle and I wish to purchase Ringleader. If I could just have a cohesive routine on rings, I think I'd be set.

P.S. I can't do knuckle-busters... :(