Monday, February 05, 2007


.:Avenue Q:.

There will be a staging of Avenue Q in the Philippines sometime this year, and they're holding auditions for cast members.

I know I'll just probably get rejected but I'll be damned if I didn't try to see if I can make it.

Avenue Q is one of the most politically incorrect and unapologetic musicals out there, and I love every minute of listening to the soundtrack, from “The Internet Is For Porn” to “Schadenfreude”.

I'll give it a shot. Heh.

.:An Entire Day...:.

It was eight in the morning when she got to my place. She wasn't in uniform because she apparently changed clothes before going here since she didn't want to go around wearing her uniform. I may have seen her only two days ago, but I missed her like crazy, so I hugged her ever-so-tightly.

We had the whole day to ourselves. I've practically been on leave for three days already, and I just really wanted to be with her and enjoy her company while she reviewed and while I rendered playlists for the day. There was nothing particularly earth-shaking about what we were up to. We were simply there, and we were simply going to spend an entire day with each other.

It was a fine, fine Wednesday, to say the least. We discovered that we really could be with each other for extended periods of time, and it was awesome being with her for that long.

I left for a short while to upload a bit of stuff, and it was fairly amusing when it turned out that by the time I got back, she was already playing with Gabby, the landlord's four-year old daughter. It was nice seeing her inner child because it made me realize that she still really knew how to have good old plain fun, amid all the serious issues and the deadly deadlines she has to go through day in and day out.

And so we just turned our attention to each other and conversed. It's been a bit tough initially for us to enjoy face to face conversations with each other, but in due time, that got easier and easier. This day was just phenomenal. We opened up about a lot of things. We laughed over good times, we pouted over minor disagreements, we smiled over memories, we groaned over corny jokes, and through it all, we realized that we had a very strong bond that we hope would stand the test of time.

There is friendship, and there is love. Perhaps from her side there is no romance, but I know that in time, if it is meant to be, that will come in and by itself.

It's a good foundation we've built for ourselves. I know someday, the right time for us would come, and we patiently await.


.:It's A Fair Time:.

Foundation Day was last Thursday in Don Bosco, and it was pretty awesome. I finally ran into Fr. Eli and Ma'am Ting, and it was a really good day. They even asked me to do a bit of walkaround magic, and that was pretty cool.

Ah, well. Next year ought to be awesome... heh.

.:Not Goodbye, But See You Later...:.

It was a Friday morning, and I went to Chua Residence #1 in Bautista, where Sacha would be just before she took her flight back to Canada. We haven't seen her in a while, so we're pretty happy that we got to spend a lot of time with her. There was a short guestlist that morning, comprised of myself, Diane, and Mark.

Sacha's dad, Tito John, was really giving me a rough time because he knew a lot of magic himself, so it turned into an expose-ridden performance, and it's not like I could refuse to stop performing when he practically demands me to. Ahahahaha... ::nervous laughter::

After breakfast and realizing Diane and I both lost our bet with each other (Resulting in seven exorbitant dinners apiece.), Mark and Diane excused themselves, and I went with Sacha and Tita Harvey to the airport, where the three of us really bonded with each other.

We had interesting conversations ranging from Imelda Marcos to future plans. It's amazing because it's very unusual that you'd be bonding with a friend's parent, to the point that Tita Harvey is practically JGL in our eyes already. =)

Sacha's blessed to have a mom as supportive and as caring as Tita Harvey is. Makes me cont my blessings too, seeing how my parents deserve an award for having put up with me for as long as they have... heh.

By now, Sacha's back in Canada and it's business as usual, but that simple and quiet Friday morning with no overlong goodbyes but never-ending see-you-later's is definitely something to remember.

We'll miss you, Sach, but we all know that it's just a matter of time before we'd see you again. Thanks for the great month with you around. Friends like you are truly one in a billion.

.:The Blas Ople Job Fair:.

After taking Sach to the airport, I was dropped off at Market! Market!, where I met up with Estelle for the Job Fair that she's been working on for so long and hard. It was fairly eventful because I was really trying to make her laugh while she was on the mic stand trying to announce job openings. For the most part, I was really just lazing the day away there, completely underslept and so forth.

I did a bit of announcing, a bit of walkaround, and for the most part, I was just observing how absolutely harassed Bessie was throughout the day, albeit I knew she was doing a marvelous job.

I'm proud of my Bessie. For a moment, we were worried she wouldn't make a successful transition from student body to workforce, but she did.

After the job fair, we went to Debbie's place, where we watched “Sana Maulit Muli”, and then fell asleep over the movie we bought for the occasion. It was all good, though.

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