Monday, February 12, 2007

Lots Of Recapping...

I hate my 'net. I hope this counts for my Sunday post, because the internet has really been wonky. I just had a rough weekend...

.:Congratulations To My Bessie-Moo!:.

Estelle graduated! I know I was ribbing her that I didn't think she had it in her, but seriously speaking, I am very proud of her! She finally graduated, and she is more than capable of making her mark on this world at this point!

Way to go, Bess!

.:Total Kaos:.

Friday night was pretty okay, as I hung out with Elbert and his workshop group for a while before I watched SMM at his friend's unit in Prince David. We were musing over the similar personality quirks Estelle and Elbert have been exhibiting. It's almost like they're the same person at times, what with the same singsong enunciation they often use from time to time.

Saturday night yielded a very fun night at the TSC EB. While I have been a lurker with the group for so long, running into these guys is really interesting.

In any case, I crashed a table with a video camera following me last night, and it was pretty fun as I did my standard De'Ring/Ring Thing opener, then followed it up with Bill Goldman's "Free Chance". Now, after doing that, I went ahead and attempted Sean Beard's "Kaos", and that got a huge reaction that night, to the point that even during closing time, the people at Starbucks were still asking me about it.

The kicker about this whole deal was that during that night, as I was extracting the signed Kaos card from my spectator, the people seated by the window I was extracting the card from had to step away for a moment, but not before they saw the name on the card.

One of the guys on my side of the window wondered out loud, "Paano niya nalaman ang pangalan ko?!?" (How did he find out my name?!?) as apparently, his name and my spectator's name was the same. Talk about a freaky coincidence!

Anthony from Ali Mall was also hilarious that night, as he had a comedy routine, and to me, his line of the night was...

Tama na ang mga baraha. Cards naman. (Enough with the [vernacular word for cards]. Let's do cards instead!)

Yes, translating the joke loses its effect.

In any case, while the EB was winding down, we were really just jamming around for fun, and I think that the Starbucks employees really enjoyed the magic that night. I didn't feel compelled to indulge them a second rendition of Kaos, though. I can't wait to see if the video's going to make it online. I think that night's performance was one of the best performances of the effect I've ever managed to pull off...

.:More Hanging Out With Friends:.

Last week's Saturday night was spent in Greenbelt with Elbert, Max, Estelle, Debbie, Johan, April, and Myka. It was interesting because we had Dance Maniax and Johan was showing off his chest hair, which made Elbert feel particularly inadequate in that area. After all, when one of your best friends has three nipples, and then the other has chest hair, you tend to look at yourself and realize you're not such hot stuff after all. Ahahaha.

Yes, I did even more walkaround. Prior to going to Greenbelt, I sat in on the Story Circle gathering, which was fairly interesting, if only for the fact that I saw how things are when the people are just warming up and getting started. In any case, I had a few notable moments, and I really think that I've substantially improved on a lot of fronts.

This came to the forefront on Sunday, when I met up with Estelle and Tita Toots to go to the ROD Convention, and I was beginning to learn how to do the Gryphon Roll that Christian Bale was doing in “The Prestige”.

All in all, it was a great day, and I think that topping it off with Dance Maniax (Which took Estelle's family by surprise. Hehe.) was pretty good, combined with the nice film we managed to catch, Charlotte's Web.

Mental note: I promise to review the next film I watch in the cinema. If not, then by this weekend, I'll write up a review of Charlotte's Web...

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