Thursday, May 21, 2009

Archie Comics: Reminiscing!

.:My Childhood Might Finally Have A Bookend... Then Again, Maybe Not:.

Archie finds himself in a life-changing moment, and nothing will ever be the same again!

So sue me. I grew up loving Archie comics. It happens to be one of those things that has simply allowed me to learn conversational English with ease because despite being “merely a comic”, Archie was written with impeccable grammar. As a reading tool, Archie has been a source of education and much amusement for most of my life, and I would never hesitate to recommend the franchise to anyone who wants some light reading in comic format.

One of the cornerstone storylines of the Riverdale gang despite its lack of any coherent continuity is the Betty-Archie-Veronica love triangle. It has been a constant well for their jokes and plots, and there has never been any clear-cut resolution to it. It was in 1996, I believe, when they fakes all of us out with their “Love Showdown” miniseries that promised to change the status quo forever.

It did, but only by complicating the plot further by reintroducing Cheryl Blossom to the Riverdale gang. From a love triangle, it became a love rectangle.

And really, what’s with the preoccupation with Archie, ladies? Why are you so gung-ho on ol’ carrot top, when there are clearly so many other eligible guys out there in Riverdale? You have Jughead who is so totally not gay (Though it would’ve been cool if he were.), you have Dilton, who will probably be richer than Moose Mason no matter how good Moose gets (Remember: the nerd wins!), or even that token Mexican whose name escapes me at the moment. When Reggie isn’t being his usual pranky self, he’s pretty cool, too, not to mention better-looking than Arch.

Anyways, this time, there will be no fakeouts. Archie Comics promises a resolution to the Archie triangle! This event will be a story in the future, about five years after the Riverdale gang graduates from college. Archie will propose to Betty or Veronica, and we’re going to be here to see history happen!

I’m excited about this because I really am all for seeing whom Archie would pick after seven long decades of indecision. Here’s hoping that Sabrina doesn’t use her magic to undo the marriage and revert to the status quo, though. I’d really, really hate if they’d do that in a comic. I’m glad that would never happen in comics, because it’s such a cop-out. Oh, wait...

In any case, I’m also interested if this will give us a glimpse into what would happen to my favourite character in the Archie universe, Jughead Jones. Will we finally find out what the “S” in his sweater means?

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