Thursday, May 14, 2009

In My Element

.:FADAL Manila Launch In Fashion Art: A Revelation:.

Azrael invited me to the launch of Fashion Designers Alliance Manila, and I gladly accepted, since I was present during the F. Art “Perya” show last time with Happy and Viva, where I first met these two amazing ladies. I would be the first to admit I’m not a fashion blogger, but as supporters of art, be it music or comedy or even magic, F. Art is simply a home to aspiring artists such as myself, albeit not necessarily artists in the fashion world.

I am awed at the sheer effort Happy puts into her craft, and meeting other designers who are part of this new group, as well as finding out that Happy is the president of the group, is nothing but sheer awesomeness in my book. While I am not in the know when it comes to the movers and shakers of the fashion world, I know I was party to something big last night, and I’m sure the other bloggers might have felt this as well.

Amusingly enough, Mike Unson was there, which meant this was the second time in two days I’ve seen the guy, and so was Ronnie Mariano, whom I was with last Monday for the Ruffa and Ai guesting spot. I went there to see what was going on, but I was in for quite a shock when Viva approached me ever so sweetly and asked if I could share some of my magic with them that night. Who was I to turn down such a lovely offer?

After courtesies were extended between the designers and the bloggers, Mike went up to do his standup set, and people were rolling in the aisles. I must admit that I laugh rather hard whenever I watch comedy, but that’s because more often than not, I pay good money to be entertained, so this is me showing the performer onstage that hell, I’m getting my money’s worth. I’ve seen Mike and the rest of the Cartel countless times already, but every single time, they bring something new to the table, and tonight was no different. Bloggers and designers alike were very much entertained by the great Mike Unson, so there was a bit of pressure for me to step my magic up a notch that night.

Now, I normally don’t go around with a full show in my bag, but I almost always have three powerful routines prepared just in case: Shanghai Shackles, Lady And The Rope, and Liquid Metal. It’s not a full show, to be sure, but it’s definitely something that would entertain people, as these routines are three of my best routines.

Afterwards,, we found ourselves invited to some upcoming fashion shows, most of which I would love to attend if only to support the fashion industry in my own way, fashion blogger or not. It’s the least I could do for a gracious community that hosted us bloggers and invited me to perform.

Unbelievably, one of the people I performed for turned out to be Ms. Jaz Cerezo, one of the contestants in Project Runway Philippines.


.:What I Have Learned...:.

The thing is, I used some of the lines I used in my standup foray the previous night, and there was a marked difference. I was in a different zone, and while I was performing magic, the jokes that seemed to ramble and meander off during Tuesday night were very well-received and spot-on last night. It did make me wonder what the difference was, and if the fact that I was doing magic instead of pure standup had anything to do with it. I realized that the answer was “yes and no.”

Yes, doing magic affected my lines. But no, it didn’t affect it in a way that my lines were cooler or better, since they were in essence, the exact same lines I used the previous night. How doing magic affected my lines was the confidence I had when I was onstage and performing that night. I will be as meek as a lamb when it comes to talking about my capacity as a standup comedian (Which I am not.), but I will have an air of confidence, at times, even a swagger, when I am up there as a professional magician (Which I know in my mind and heart, I am.).

It wasn’t that magic filled in any gaps between the gags I used to entertain the audience. That was merely secondary. What being on “magic mode” allowed me to do was to go up there and believe with every inch of my soul that I knew what the Hades I was doing, and it showed. In effect, the delivery noticeably changed, and one of the bloggers present, Jennie, pointed that out, since she saw the video I had performing standup the previous night and she was able to make a comparison.

Admittedly, while I recognized that I had a long way to go if I really want to pursue standup, I was a bit downhearted the entire day because I knew I laid an egg the previous night. I’m my own worst critic, and while others might sugarcoat my standup last Tuesday and tell me that “you have good material, but your setup could use some work,” I was telling myself how absolutely terrible I was that night. Being given an opportunity to perform last night while I was in my element simply gave me back a lot of confidence. I’m still my own worst critic, and I probably noticed at least fifty things I could’ve done better during that brief magic show, but I can go home satisfied with the thought that I entertained a room full of people that night.

To Happy and to Viva, to the members of FADAL Manila, and even to the bloggers whom I’ve seen for the first time ever, it was a wonderful opportunity to have met all of you, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have entertained you last night. It was a great shot in the arm, and I’m definitely here to support you guys in your endeavours in whatever way I can.

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