Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You're On A Roll!

.:You’re On A Roll!:.

Senator Bong Revilla calls Dr. Kho a “maniac”.

The good senator is on a roll, and has now taken the opportunity to really slam Dr. Hayden Kho over the multiple sex scandals he is currently embroiled in, earning him the unenviable/enviable monicker, “The Edison Chen of the Philippines”.

I understand that you have to have concrete knowledge about the videos to be able to pass on judgment over the issue, but maybe it's just me, but isn't his seeming "expertise" on the topic tipping off just how intently he viewed this scandal? I do find the statements about the issue rather... odd...

“I saw the scandal, and it was so disgusting! Especially what he did to her at 8:25. That was just revolting! I had to rewind it several times just to fathom how deplorable that was. And the way she sounded in 14:22. That really made my... hair... stand up on end. It was unbelievable what Hayden did! And she was even asking him repeatedly at 17:40 if anyone was recording them because of those creaking sounds in the background. And when he finally... oy vey. It was just wrong. Hayden, anak ka ng teteng! I think I need some new pants.

In all seriousness, while I cannot condone Dr. Kho’s actions (and apparent lack of remorse), is it already verified that he was the one who released the video scandals? Because if he did, then for once, I’d have to agree with the good senator on this one, grandstanding aside.

Oh, Senator Revilla. Never change!

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