Saturday, May 23, 2009

Alec Baldwin Apologizes. The Other Guy: Still A D-Bag

.:He Apologized Already. Let’s Move On, Mmkay?:.

Alec Baldwin apologizes, and proves he’s a bigger class act than certain people we know...

Alec Baldwin is not a perfect person. His life isn’t even measured in years, but in public apologies. Despite all that, he’s still a much classier person than Senator Revilla, who threatened him with bodily harm. Never mind that the also-“insulted” Russians didn’t even bother reacting to the issue. Never mind that nobody seems to care that Krusty the Clown also insulted the Philippines, and Roger Ebert slammed a Filipino movie during Cannes. Of course, I’d be doubly amused and annoyed if they picked up on those issues and used it to grandstand some more.

But really now. The passive-aggressive apology was just classic Baldwin. He said what I hoped Chip Tsao would’ve said: that it was merely said in jest (Or in Tsao’s case, in the course of a satire.), and that while he meant no offense, he apologizes to those who took offense. It’s a clean admission of (non) guilt, and does not condone the hate messages that flew in response to what was merely perceived as a racist remark.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why a lot of Filipinos are so uptight over the lightest remark, and are willing to resort to fisticuffs just to defend their honor. Sen. Revilla and Rep. Golez seem to be made from the same mold.

If you’re a foreigner, you can’t say anything negative about the Philippines. That’s racism.

If you’re a Filipino, you can’t say anything negative about the Philippines, either. That’s crab mentality.

Ergo, nobody can say anything negative about the Philippines. Period. Absobloodylutely brilliant.

Will we ever get to see this country get its head out of its own @$$?

Who knows? The Shadow knows.

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