Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ruffa And Ai, Comedy Cartel... Mmmm....

.:The Second Go-Round:.

I did only Liquid Metal yesterday when I guested for a second time for “Ruffa And Ai”, but it was definitely well worth the effort, as the audience was clearly pleased with my performance, and of course, I’d be remiss not to mention Ronnie Mariano’s Snowstorm, which definitely wowed people as well.

That day, I also had the opportunity to teach a bit of magic to Ai-Ai, who did pretty well when she did the ring through rope routine. I’m definitely happy about this opportunity to have been featured on ABS-CBN 2 a second time, although I got a bit too tongue-tied when I ran into Kuya Kim, and didn’t tell him about my not-so-perfect experience with Matanglawin some time back.

Nonetheless, it was a very interesting run, to say the least. I’d love to be back there if the opportunity presents itself again, albeit a Kel and Jay appearance would be much more hopeful. :P

.:In The Interest Of Diversification...:.

... I have been working on this for a while already, and given how my nightlife lately has consisted of going to Mag:Net or Route to watch bands, or hang out with people like Sparks and Jenny and Pakbet, or to go to Mag:Net or Spicy Fingers or Conspi to watch the Comedy Cartel perform.

Thing is, I missed some awesome shows from Route last week, involving Project 2 and some acoustic nights for bands I never expected to have acoustic nights. Despite that, the tradeoff of having been able to hang out with the Cartel has been nothing but eye-opening to me, particularly when I went to Toyz for the first time to watch some members of the Cartel do their comedy there on an open mic night where they get together to try out new jokes and routines.

I like the band scene more than the club scene, so that explains my fascination with hearing people like The Ronnies, Itchyworms, and Radioactive Sago Project, but we know why I’m not trying to be part of a band or something, don’t we?

Well, since I can’t sing or dance for crap, I decided that giving standup comedy a try would be for the better, so with tonight’s Open Mic night in Toyz looming over me, wish me luck! I’m definitely stoked about it.

After a good conversation with some of the people from Cartel, especially Noel and Richie, I got encouraged to try my hand at writing some stuff here and there, so I’m extremely grateful to them for the encouragement. We’ll see where this is all headed, I suppose. I’m fairly excited about the prospects coming up, to say the least.

And speaking of the Comedy Cartel, wish my good friend, Stanley Chi, a happy birthday!

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