Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Third Open Mic...

.:Toyz Comedy Showcase Tuesdays: Finally, Progress!:.

Last night, the effects of the Comedy Cartel show seemed to have carried over, and everyone who performed at the Comedy Showcase Open Mic Night in Toyz Cafe seemed to be performing on a different level as well, and that included the open mic people.

Well, admittedly, I haven’t been that proud of my first two attempts at doing Open Mic, but this night was rather different. With a very supportive audience on our side, I managed to go up there and finally start doing a hybrid of standup comedy and standup magic that I feel is right up my alley. As one of the biggest fans of Michael Finney, that’s one guy who has mastered the art of mixing and matching the two, and I can’t help but take after him when it comes to this.

Anyways, it was a good night all around, as the audience was extra appreciative of our comedy last night. There was an Australian guest who was laughing even at jokes that were cracked in the vernacular, and it was just weird but gratifying to see that kind of appreciation for comedy. As a guy who really appreciates stand-up, finding a restaurant filled with people who are just as appreciative is nothing but heartwarming. There’s also quite a moment of joy that a standup comic gets when you don’t just get laughter, but the much-cherished applause + laughter combination. During my comedy magic shows, I live for moments like those.

I know I technically cheated since I used my magic as a way to bridge the confidence gap I have when performing comedy, but I think it worked out pretty well for me last night. It was also a good opportunity to bond with the other comedians, especially Noel and Ryan. Thanks a lot for the kind words and the votes of confidence! I sincerely, sincerely appreciate the shot in the arm.

For once, I’ll actually let you in on how I did. It’s not perfect, but if you saw how my first two sets went, this was definitely a noticeable improvement... hope you like it!

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