Friday, May 15, 2009


.:Oh, Yes. I’m The Great Pretender...:.

Sometimes, I can’t believe how well I fool myself and other people that I’m just fine. Knowing you don’t feel the way I do about you, knowing it’s just me again.

Sometimes, I find very strong and compelling arguments that make me believe that indeed, loving someone just plain sucks. This is my day of bitterness. Let me at it.

.:Of Course, You Know, This Means War...:.

Something about seeing Jollibee prance around in front of a McDonald’s parade just really cracks me up...

Will McDonald’s have a reprisal? Lol.


R said...

Relax, you're fortunate that this love sickness you're experiencing wasn't severe enough to develop into a mental disorder.

Unknown said...

i've seen you go on these ups and downs for such a long time that i know these phases are already normal for you already. i just have to watch out when you're in the depths. but right now i think you'll be fine.

foul si jollibee pero ang galing niyang sumayaw.