Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swung By The Morning Rush Yesterday Morning...

.:They Are Still Made Of Win:.

I love Mojo and Grace Lee like anything, but there's no question that Chico and Delamar are the two jocks who have influenced me the most, bar none. Although Chico's on vacation until Friday, the show was still very interesting, as it was manned by Delle and Radio 1 student jock Suzie.

I've sung Chico and Delle's praises for years already, so I have little to add when it comes to that. As such, allow me to sing Suzie's praises.

As a student jock who has been training with Chico and Delamar for a while already, Suzie has what it takes to be a full-fledged jock in due time. She has a very assertive but likable attitude on the air, and she knows how to develop rapport with other people.

She's witty, thinks quickly on her feet, and she can express herself very candidly without any hesitation. Most student jocks find it intimidating to talk around a dj on the air because they don't know if they talk too much. Suzie seems to know those limits very implicitly, and as such, always has something good to contribute to the discussion whenever she speaks up.

Few people can train her as well as Chico and Delle could, so she's in really good hands. Suzie can go a really long way, and it only goes to show, with people as promising as her, that radio is still an industry that is far from dead.

Much props to you!

.:Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken:.

Senator Chiz Escudero had a very candid interview this morning on AM radio while I was in the cab on my way to RX. Essentially, he was saying that while he respected the senators' move to have to Subpoena the women involved in the HK scandal, he was not going to participate in it, and he felt that there were more important issues to address.

Indeed, the issue needs to be addressed, and slowly, the Anti-Voyeurism bill is being refined into something that actually has worth and merit, but Senator Chiz is correct in saying that there are more pressing matters that need to be dealt with, and perhaps, it is best to just do this one-of investigation for a day in that it is truly "in aid of legislation" as far as the AV Bill is concerned, but beyond that, leave the resolution to the proper avenues.

I am not ignoring the necessity of dealing with the issue, but I feel that we are overestimating its importance. I actually feel that calling some of the women involved in the scandals would do them more harm than good and put them under unfair scrutiny. It sickens me the kind of double-standard imposed here that some people look at these women horribly just because they got intimate with a man, especially the lady doctor. For crying out loud, she was in a relationship. Why is that reason to judge her adversely?

Double standards are terrible, but they will only be aggravated by this media circus. Meanwhile, we conveniently are drawn away from other pressing issues...

And seriously... what's going on with Jun Lozada? Why do we seem to have no idea what happened to him ever since this whole mess started?

That, and what verification can be had that the COA findings that clear Joc-Joc Bolante of the fertilizer fund scam was indeed a fair and unbiased investigation?

Inquiring minds would really like to know.

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