Wednesday, May 20, 2009

FML? No. More Like FMC.

.:They Have Successfully Wagged The Dog:.

Thanks to Mr. Hayden Kho’s shenanigans, suddenly, people have forgotten about the book blockade.

Hooray! They have successfully wagged the dog yet again! Ever noticed that nobody cares what’s going on with Jun Lozada now?

Congratulations to our great overlords! They have proven yet again that the Filipino people have the attention span of a goldfish! Onwards to first world status in 2020!

I am soooo glad that my taxes are funding porn-watching in the senate. Not.


Last night was my second foray into stand-up comedy, and I must say that I am still far from being worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as a Stanley Chi or a Noel Gascon. These guys are amazing comedians who know what they’re doing, and know what it takes to get their desired reactions.

Despite that, my standup last night was snappier and less meandering than my first effort. I have to say that it was significantly more straight to the point, but I still don’t know how to give those subtle hints that I said something funny. I don’t think I’m too aware of my facial expressions, or my gesticulations, which are all very important parts of a successful standup comedian’s schtick. In fact, I believe they are so integral that most good comedians don’t even realize that’s exactly what they do, but last night, I think that really shone to the forefront.

While I was observing the way Stanley Chi was doing his performance, there were certain nuances in his voice, certain subtle dips and peaks in the tone of his voice that tipped you off he was telling a joke. It wasn’t an overt kind of signposting, but it was fairly telltale when they’re going for a laugh. Plus, Stanley’s laugh is almost as funny as his jokes. LOL.

Anyways, with all that being said, I’m fairly happy about my set that night. It was a marked improvement over the previous one, although I know I still have a lot more to develop and hone before I can feel even the least bit content about my output...

I’m a being-unto-mirth. Slowly, but surely, I know this will all lead to something good, and if it’s any indication, the very promising prospect I’m cooking up with them is just the start of something excellent for everyone involved.

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