Friday, May 01, 2009

Random Thoughts On Labor Day...

.:Here's Hoping For Post-Paid Friendly Promotions!:.

Globe had an excellent awareness campaign for their SuliTXT 15 and Everybody TXT 20 promos, where both offers give you 100 text messages to Globe and Touchmobile subscribers, although Everybody TXT would allow you to text 10 messages as well to non-Globe or TM subscribers.

These offers will last 24 hours from when you avail of them, whether via registering on 8888 or at your neighborhood loading center as well. It's never been easier!

The campaign last night was hosted by the amazing Dax Martin, a gay comedian who really had the audiences rolling in the aisle. I ended up making beso with him a bunch of times, since it was all in good fun, and the bloggers were enjoying themselves while we were all there.

Thanks to Globe for having us over, and for making life easier for the prepaid subscriber who wants to get the best bang for their buck.

Of course, one would hope that us Globe post-paid subscribers would have our own promos in the future. =P

.:EDIT: Well Played, MA'AM. Well Played:.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I am a big fan of taking it the way you dish it out. Well, I've dished out a lot of vitriol over the past few weeks, so now, I have discovered that according to this blog entry, I could be one of two types of bloggers:

1. I am either the person who "likes magic" (Which isn't entirely true. I "love" magic. And do it for a living. Haha.), and is thus, the ANGRY BLOGGER who "seldom makes sense", or...

2. I am this new category of bloggers: the FEELING MO PINAG-UUSAPAN KA, PERO HINDI NAMAN" blogger.

I will be the first to admit that I am not the paragon of coolness, as I have a very short fuse and I tend to have a lot of pet peeves. On the other hand, I don't want my defining characteristic as a blogger to be one who is "angry all the time".

You see, that's the nature of satire: it exposes inconvenient truths for all of us, and I am not the kind of hypocrite who would cry foul over something like this, assuming this is in reference to me. I dished it out, I should be able to take it.

Hades, if anything, I got off easy here. Being called an "angry blogger" who "seldom makes sense" is a lot less harsh than some of the other comments leveled at the other people in the other categories.

So anyways, to Patricia Magubat, I don't know you, but I thank you for your astute observation. I don't wanna promise I'd stop being an angry blogger when I see just cause in being so, and if this bit turned out to not be about me after all, I don't wanna promise I'd stop being vain, either. =P

It's satire, guys. If it hits you, dammit, learn from it! Batu-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, buti nga! Ang pikon ay laging talo. =P

Errata: As I said, in the event that I happen to be wrong about this, I will humbly accept the term "Feeling pinag-uusapan pero hindi naman pala blogger". Given the updates, it would appear I *am* wrong, and I wasn't the "angry blogger". Now, I suppose it's safe to say that I am now the "guilty blogger", but I would also like to apologize to Patricia for referring to her as a "sir", since I was just using the expression "well played, sir" even if I wasn't really assuming that the author was male.

Now, I can safely say that I'm right about being the "guilty blogger", not just because of the clues given, but because if I'm wrong again, then it's pretty obvious that I really am guilty, lol.

Still, I'm serious when I say: guys, if it hits you, instead of taking offense, do something about it! It's for your own good!

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