Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ad Congress, Day 1...

:En Route To Ad Congress...:.

Spending the last two pre-Ad Congress hours of my life this morning in the Disenchanted Kingdom with Logan, Marf, and (finally!!!) Cleo.

It was really great because the previous night, I dropped off a basket of fruits for Cleo since she’s still quite under the weather. Having said that, it was good to see that she’s back at work, albeit it was rather inevitable that Logan and Marf would end up ribbing me about being concerned about her, but whaddaheck. I’m just doing what any good friend would do. Heh.

Much love to Koji Morales for dropping me off at Cleo’s, by the way. It’s rather easy to get lost in the Kapitolyo area, despite the fact that I’ve lived there for a few years. Dinner with Koji and his brother proved to be very interesting as well because of the stuff we talked about, so all in all, it’s been most enjoyable.

And, oh, oh! Yesterday, Logan and I rickrolled people when we recited the lyrics of “Together Forever” just because we can. Dammit, there’s just something about being able to rickroll people at will, isn’t it? The power, it intoxicates me so.

.:Ad Congress So Far...:.

Has been rather non-happening. Saw a few people I knew, but overall, I’d rather just go home and hit the sack, at this point. Still, I’m sure things will pick up again by tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to that.

In the meantime, I ended up spending more than half of my time during the cocktail in front of my computer simply because I discovered that wifi was actually available. Ended up just kicking it with Cleo on YM for a while, and It really did make me think about a few things.

In the middle of playing improv games with my co-Nuffies and enjoying the exhilarating feeling I get from finally getting away from all this crap for a while, there was just something wonderful about being able to spend time with Cleo, knowing that it was the one thing that made me feel really at ease. It was like having something familiar in a mire of question marks.

Thanks, Cleo! It was something I really needed at that point.

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